How to change IP address at Dynamic & Static internet access

Posted on 2007-11-16
Last Modified: 2009-03-26
Hi gurus,

I've 2 places to access internet, at home I'm using broadband and it's using Dynamic IP address, while at office I'm using broadband with Static IP address.
1) I'd like to ask if there is any way or program that I can use to change my IP address without OFF/ON my modem every single time?
Question by:ckchew666
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Expert Comment

ID: 20303334
Assume your question involves connecting your LAPTOP in office as well as home network. Office Modem/Router is not configured as DHCP server and at HOME you are aytomatically assigned a IP Address.
If you are using Windows XP O/s here is a good article on maintaining two network addresses on your Laptop.

Alternatively, you could use third-party apps to configure multiple network settings and easily switch between networks, without having your modem restarted. Some of the examples are,
NetSetMan, IP Changer, MultiNetwork Manager etc.. You can find these on CNET's software download site (



Author Comment

ID: 20303413

I'm sorry if I don't make my question clear, here it goes, I'm connecting to my homne network using wifi and the AP will auto assign IP to me, example, another PC at my home (wifi connection) will be Any additional PC/Notebook will be onwards. The AP I've set as
While in office I'm using LAN and I've already assigned a fixed IP in my notebook Other PC/notebook in my office will be ++ (manually assigned).

The IP I'm intending to change is not the notebook IP, it's the internet connection IP like from .

Hope it's clear this round. Thanks.

Expert Comment

ID: 20304265
if modem ip is your problem i think you can ask your isp to renew your ip at specified time.

the premise to your original question is somewhat confusing, your modem ip has nothing to do with you accessing your office network or home network.

at a glance i almost answer the same as kbitguru did
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Expert Comment

ID: 20304286
just an addition..

your isp is the one assigning your modem (WAN IP -

you can ask them to change your IP to Static or Dynamic (sometimes involves fees)

192.168.x.x is your local network IP range

If you want to change the local IP that your modem use, you have to configure it. usually it can be access through web browser.

if you are already connected to internet from your home network, try to open your command prompt by clciking START>RUN.. type cmd and press enter

on the black screen type ipconfig

look for the active gateway, usually this is the same as the local IP of your modem. type that IP on your web browser. it should get you to the modem configuration page. if it doesnt, consult your modem documentation on how to change the setting of your modem


Author Comment

ID: 20304589
In my country the broadband package for home user comes with Dynamic WAN IP and coorporate user (office) comes with Static IP. Everytime we log on with Dynamic WAN IP, the WAN IP will be difference, my question is to look for programs which I can use to change my Dynamic WAN IP without OFF/OF my modem every time I need a new WAN IP.

Expert Comment

ID: 20307954
You would log into the NAT device. Usually your modem or router. If the WAN is assigned by DHCP, then you click Release, and then Renew. If it is PPPoE, then you click Disconnect, then Connect.

What model of modem do you have?

Expert Comment

ID: 20310786
Yes, that would help a lot if your let us know your modem.

Author Comment

ID: 20311049

I'm using Linksys WRT54GL modem + AP. Yes I know the OFF/ON method, but I'm looking for any other way like using proxy software to change the WAN IP or not.

Free public proxy server is very very slow, i tried that.

Expert Comment

ID: 20311113
on your web browser type

leave the username blank
use default password: admin

go to status tab

there will be a disconnect button there. click it to disconnect. then click it again to reconnect

hope it helps.


Accepted Solution

kbitguru earned 350 total points
ID: 20325559
Confirm following;

Currently when you go to your office, you do not have to do anyting (in your computer) to start accessing internet.

However, when you go back home, and start your computer you can not access internet. You must turn off and on your MODEM (not your computer), which assigns a dynamic IP to your computer as well your modem.

If the above is true, when you are at home, does your laptop detect available wireless connection? Or it only detects after you restart your modem?


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