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How do I check the downtime of a process in sun solaris?

Greetings experts,

I have a sun solaris server (version 9) and I want to check the downtime of a process. For example if my oracle process (pmon) goes down during the night , I can come in the next morning and check the time duration during which the process was down.

Please help.

Thanks and regards,
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1 Solution

You may look in to the Oracle logs to see when the process stopped (last log).

You may also look in to the system logs like


casemanagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying Omar. I got the information I was looking for in the logs generated in /var/adm/messages. Is there any way in which I can automate this process and get to know this information without checking the logs. What I am trying to say is -Oracle process goes down every night for about 3 hours. Is there any way in which the server can send me a report via email with the information as  to when the process was unavaliable and the time when it was back up.

I am thinking that this requires modification of the syslog parameters --all I want to know is how to do it??



You may have a crontab job that run say every 5 min. The job (e.g. script) can check for the process (in the server's running processes or logs), and if found not running may send you email.

e.g. you may create script called monitormypmon (here I will assume that the process just die and not running), and contains

count=`/usr/bin/ps -ef | /usr/bin/grep -v grep | /usr/bin/grep pmon | wc -l`
if test $count -gt 0
      /usr/bin/date >> /path/to/pmon.log
      echo "running ...." >> /path/to/pmon.log
     /usr/bin/mail -s "pmon not running" username < /dev/null

Make this script executable:

chmod +x monitormypmon

To create crontab job, run:

crontab -l > mycrontab

edit mycrontab (e.g. vi mycrontab) and add line similar to:

0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /path/to/monitormypmon

The above schedule will run the script every 10 min (for more info please use man crontab)


crontab mycrontab
crontab -l
casemanagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I tried the solution and is seems to fulfill the purpose for now..
casemanagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Omarfarid for the excellent answer

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