Notebook Blank Display Cause

I've had 3 notebooks in shop recently that had no display --> not even a faint one. Additionally, there was no display on an external monitor for 2 of them. All powered on and went through at least some POST sequence (removed memory and they beeped). Two Compaqs and a Toshiba.

My experience with notebooks is somewhat limited but assume that inverter and/or backlight failure is not the cause. Those with no external display would appear to be motherboard or graphics adapter related (integrated graphics).

Looking for assistance from notebook experts in determining root cause. Thanks in adavance.

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For clarification, did you use the FN+ F* keystroke to initiate the external display.
With no faint image on the laptop screen, that would certainly indicate a failure of the LCD panel or  cable at the least. With no external image you are correct in suspecting the motherboard(integrated) or graphics adapter.
I have seen laptops which refused to give an image when a faulty component such as a hard drive or optical drive had bit the dust. Removal of these would be one more step I would take.
willcompAuthor Commented:
I responded over a week ago. Guess I didn't hit Submit :(

Yes, tried Fn + F*.
Thats alright, I think I forgot about this Q around the same time ;-)
Changing motherboards in a laptop just to test an issue like this is so time consuming, but that looks to be where you're at on this issue.
willcompAuthor Commented:
4 or more year old notebook. Not worth the expense of replacing mobo.
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