Looking for video codec for youtube FLV video

Hi all,
I am looking for a free video codec for videos from youtube. I have read them are FLV. I have downloaded with savetube.com and want to watch with Windows MediaPlayer.
I don't want a converter application or another player, just the codec.
I have downloaded Media Codec Escencials but it comes with dozens of Codec I don't want to install.
Will give all the points to the precise answer.
Thanks in advance,
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectAsked:
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pavaneeshkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Flv plugin for media player is available on this site


Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Sorry, as I stated, I don't want a codec pack with lots of codecs. Just the minimum necessary to play FLV files from youtube. I have even tried with Codec Essencials with no luck, after installed some of the codecs included just could hear but not watch the video.

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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I have tried for many hours, but this place is not working
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I found it at download.com
Also I had to download ffdshow.exe separately.
It barely work on the last version of Media Player, after showing a Warning that it is not a recognized video format.
When I close MP, it generates an exception.

Other options?
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I have found a better choice: www.convertdirect.com
It allows me to download youtube files and convert them to AVI or WMV, now I don't need the codecs.
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