Please give me your thoughts/criticisms/suggestions on this website:

Please give me your thoughts/criticisms/suggestions on this website:

Specifically the design, layout, navigability, and functionality.

Please list criticism, suggestions, and thoughts in your reply.

All criticism is welcome! Positive feedback also very much appreciated, we worked hard on this site!

Will divide points to the 5 most in-depth/detailed reviews. 100 points each!  

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nyakkiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using Mac/Safari, Mac/Firefox, and Mac/Opera.
Utilized Safari's ability to emulate Window IE 6.0

Technical analysis:

Action: Looked at the page with both Java/Javascript/Plug-ins allowed and disallowed.
Results: To my surprise the page worked fine.
Comments: Good job.

Action: Viewed without graphics.
Results: Although I was able to search, I was unable to navigate.
Comments: Have a text nagivation, even if it's to the main pages, along the bottom. (similar to your Home - Contact Us - etc.)

Action: Searched various travel select words
Results: Results appeared but the page header said "Page Template"
Comments: Fix the Page Header (also see design comments below)

Action: Randomly selected items from the drop down menu
Results: Went to the page appropriate for the link
Comments: None

Action: Entered the fields for "Get Directions"
Results: Ended up at the Home Page
Comments: Fix the script to display directions and/or directions unavailable for address entered

Action: Clicked on the submit buttons on the left side
Results: Went to the page appropriate for the link
Comments: None (see design comments)

Action: Selected airline graphics at the bottom of the page
Results: Went to the page appropriate for the link
Comments: None (see design comments)

Action: Checked for broken links
Results: Found some
   Lodging -> Arroyo Grande
   Lodging -> Grover Beach
   Hangar Waiting List -> All Links except the PDF
   Noise Abatement -> Downloadable PDF
Comments: Fix the broken links

Design Comments:

Overall Opinion: Nice feel. Loads fast. I am not a fan of those type of menu drop downs but they seem to work when tested so that's the important thing.

You have a tendency to have outside pages open a new window. This is fine except there is no warning that this will happen. Again, no warning is fine except you have done such a nice job consolidating everything into "one page" that it was a bit of a shocker every time a new window appeared. There are a few cases where you aren't consistant either (mentioned below).

My opinion is to warn (such as make the external link visible like you have done with the airlines and rental agencies) or incorporate what you can into your page first THEN another link taking them out.

You also have PDF downloads on a few pages, clearly marked that they are PDF files by the icon, but you only link to get the Adobe Reader in the Rules and Regulations page where the two links are simply text and I have no idea that they are PDF files.

Specific Comments:
Travel Tips:
From: Home Page
Comments: This opens up a new page and takes me away from your site. You may wish to "Highlight" the travel tips within your site and have a "More Info can be found at" link.

Car Rentals:
From: Home Page
Comments: I would like to have the option of clicking on the rental agency's logo to go to their home page (as well as the text link) (You allow this when I go to the Airline Page via the top menu)

From: Home Page
Comments: When I tried it, it didn't give me any information. It just brought me back to the home page.

Graphic Airline Logos:
From: Home Page
Comments: These logos, when clicked on, open up a new window BUT the logos from the Airline Page (via the Top Menu), when clicked, don't.

My personal preference is if I know I'm going to an outside page, open up a new window. In this case, I know I'm going to the Airline's home page so I except to go have a new window open. Either way, have the action the same everywhere.

From: Home Page
Comments: Search is a bit dry in the results layout (it took me a minute to figure out the results were actually links instead of text) and the page title says "Page Template" on all results
I searched for all results (entered a period '.') and the search pulled up all the pages that could be found in your menu so I typed in "American" thinking I would get the page "Airlines" like the menu. I didn't.

I got Airport History and Local Pilot Organizations.

But when I typed "United" I got the same two pages as above plus the "Airlines" page.

Also, entering "Dining" resulted in nothing found although you have a page called "Airport Dining"

The way the search is now, it would probably end up frustrating people more than helping. I would recommend either taking the search off and making a "Site Directory" page or start adding key words into the pages so that it can be picked up in the search.

For a printable map click here:
From: Directions
Comment: Opens up to a new page without warning and takes me to Yahoo. I would have prefered either being told that I would be using Yahoo or that a new page was going to pop up.

Final Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Report:
From: Final Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Report
Comments: Page is not developed yet and the title wraps around.

Hope this helps. Overall I liked the feel and the layout of the page.
Loganathan NatarajanConnect With a Mentor LAMP DeveloperCommented:
overall, the design looks fine the theme & color combination...
also icons based display also nice
menu also looks nice to navigate the pages

suggestion on top header
still it could be resized little more... with body layouts

also, accessibility is missing more.. no tooltips to guide users

font consitency to be followed strictly.,

layout design is ok,


validation could be done before u show the resutls for empty rpess
LC7WebAuthor Commented:
Excellent review nyakki, thank you!
RDAdamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Overall I like your design.  

I didn't like the pages opening in a new window.  

I found the contact info button on the bottom of the page somewhat small.  I would think contact would be a larger easily found button.
jaseinatlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just some quick comments for you: You really should have a favicon. I made one for your to get your started, you can download it (with instructions) here: http://www/

Although I like the site, I think you should consider modularizing your tool sets. In other words, have a set of tools/links/etc. for Travelling Passengers. Have a set of tools for Reference Information about the airport/policies, etc. Have a set of tools for people who are picking people up or dropping people off.

The content is there and you almost have the modular nature established (with your tools in the left column)

I don't mind the new content in a new window, especially if the content is from a different site. The only thing I suggest is have a different format for your links that open in a new window. Perhaps a window icon or something that indicates that it will open in a new window (so I can avoid it if I need to).

Also, the metallic and superglossy-but not quite Aero style buttons and menubars (though done nicely for their genre) have been played out. Perhaps something more clean and crisp with subtle details that whisper "quality" not template.

I hope you enjoy the favicon and please don't be discouraged by my advice: the site looks and functions really well; you should be proud of it.

Best wishes,

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