Looking for "dummy" TWAIN driver to accept graphic file input and produce "scanned" output to application

This may sound strange, but I have an application that will only accept certain input from a scanner via TWAIN driver. However, I have no scanner on the PC and I scan at wot and e-mail the .jpg files.

Is there any "dummy" twain driver that will "simulate" a scan and accept the image from a .jpg file?
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FiremarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:

it sounds like XPCTWAIN from JSE Imaging Solutions (http://www.twaintools.de) would solve your problem. However it comes at a price tag of 199EUR.
Scanpoint (http://www.scanpoint-usa.com) also has a product named Virtual Twain, which costs 179US$.

I have not found a free or open source alternative so considering these costs, a hardware scanner is a cheaper alternative (usually between 75-100$).

Hope this helps.
If you know a programmer they could use the twain developers toolkit to create a twain driver for that function.
But asides from that Firemarks options are the only ones I know of.
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