Vista Home Premium Remote Desktop to Windows Server 2003 Not Working

Alright so i hope someone on here has ran into this problem I have done hours of research into the problem and can come up with nothing.

I am attempting to use remote desktop on a new Windows Vista Home Premium laptop to gain remote access to my Windows Server 2003 server.

For starters I know the server is running properly I can connect and do everything I need from a XP Pro SP2 laptop to the same server using the same login information. I can also, if I take the laptop to the server and put it on the same network using the same login information gain access to and remotely run the server.

The problem occurs when I try to connect with the laptop running Vista Home Premium from outside the network over the internet. The VPN connection connects successfully. From there I run Remote Desktop Connection and input the internal IP of the server. This brings up the new Vista username and password box where I enter the username and password that has always worked before and works from XP and internal network connections. The remote desktop screen comes up on the Vista machine with a second login appearance. however, strangely this login is a windows xp login screen, not a windows server 2003 login screen......anyway if I then put in the information I get the error:

The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain name are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed in the correct case.

For clarification let me say the server does not use a domain it is a simple file sharing and vpn server. The user name i am using is an administrator on the machine and a member of the remote access group. And like I said all of this works fine from an XP laptop over the internet, and this EXACT laptop can also connect to it if it is within the network. The Vista laptop has no virus protection on it, remote desktop is allowed through the firewall.

I am wondering if the router I have at work maybe has Vista issues if this is possible or any other suggestions?
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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When you say it is a windows XP logon box, does it say windows XP in it? This sounds like you are connecting to a different machine. If the machine is on a domain, when you get to it, you can press the more button and select log on to to see the computer name. You will probably find you are not connecting to your server but a different machine, possibly on your work LAN. This may be related to how the VPN is configured and how it is working under Vista.

Does your home network and your office have overlapping ip ranges? Does it do this if you connect from say an internet cafe?

The simplest solution to this is do away with the vpn and rdp and use log me in instead. Much easier and can be accessed from anywhere. See:

wilsoadaAuthor Commented:
I guess I should have been more clear when I said everything worked perfectly fine from Windows XP. This isn't a setup incorrectly issue its some sort of incompatibility issue obviously. Yes the logon box normal windows logon for username and password says Windows XP in it not Windows Server 2003 as it normally does when I connect with these same settings from an XP laptop. I have no interest in using 3rd party software the VPN and RDP work perfectly well from any machine other than Vista I am looking for VISTA help in connecting to Windows Server 2003 using Vista Home Premium and RDP.
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wilsoadaAuthor Commented:
the logmein site looks inviting. However, it doesn't solve my problem which needs to be fixed regardless.
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
Check this thread.

It discusses VPN and Vista and that may be exact your issue.
The question I would like to ask is if you see any errors on the TS event log at the time you try to connect using Vista.
And also if after establishing the VPN connection if you can TELNET TS_IP 3389 from the vista box to the TS.
You may need to get TELNET from the XP box as I think Vista does not have it anymore.

Claudio Rodrigues
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wilsoadaAuthor Commented:
tsmvp I will check into this tomorrow when I am in the location of the box as well as test the TELNET. Thanks for your reply and please check back for an update.
wilsoadaAuthor Commented:
Note for anyone else reading this site please focus on the fact that if I am located on the same network as the server I can connect using the same settings with no errors, the problem is only when I am outside the network.
What VPN client are you using?  Some Safenet VPN software that is oem'ed by some Firewall/VPN vendors (Watchguard) are not Vista compatible yet.  It seems to make the connection but there are some protocal issues when transferring data and I seem to fail when making Terminal service connections.
wilsoadaAuthor Commented:
VPN client is just creating a VPN connection from within Windows by creating a new network connection.
wilsoadaAuthor Commented:
Sorry been away. The problem was that my router's firmware needed to be updated to its current vista supported firmware to allow vista client's to connect through it.
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