Delphi 7 : Lookup Field?

Hi Experts,

I have an TDBGrid and would like the use to be able to pick from a dropdown in the list.
For example:

ColorCode VARCHAR(10)
Description VARCHAR(100)

VehicleID INT PK
RegNumber VARCHAR(20)

When inserting a new row in the DBGrid for Table2, I would like to user to be able to select from dropdown in grid from all the available colorcodes and after selecting the ColorID should be saved in this table.

I managed to get what I am looking by means of creating a new lookup field on my ADOTable Component for Table2. But when inserting a new row I receive the following error:

"raised exception class EOleException with message 'An unkown error has occurred.' Process stopped...."

Please advise.
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RickJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello marius0188,
I downloaded and tried your example and it works fine for me.
Guessing it may be something that was fixed with the delphi 7 service update 1. Do you have that installed?
I think you need to be a registered user to download it.

developmentguruConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
We would need to see your code for starters.  There is nothing wrong with how you are handling the lookup field, that in itself should not cause an error.  I suspect that something was missing in how it was set up.  Can you show us a simplified example?
Marius0188Author Commented:
Here is a screenshot of my setup:

I use a normal TDBGrid and TADOTable components.

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JohnjcesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am confuised, but that is pretty normal for me...

Are you storing in your dataset the color as a string name such as clRed, or clBlack or are you storing the actual color identifier, which will be a hex value such as $000000FF, (decimal 255 which is clRed) .

ColorID as an Int sounds OK if you are storing the color value, but I do not know about what you are storing in ColorCode and if that is like clRed.

Not sure if it is a table/database issue or some other code part failing when getting the color.

A code snippet or two will really be helpful as developmentguru has suggested. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but...

Marius0188Author Commented:
I have build a demo app using Firebird database and Interbase components.
I have created a lookup table exactly as I have done with the ADO table components and it is WORKING here.

I guess there is something else about the TADOTable component.
Let me see if I can provide you with a demo.

Marius0188Author Commented:
Ok I have produced a demo for you:

Just connect both TIBDatabase & TADOConnection components to the databasis that is in a subfolder.
1 x Firebird DB

The firebird is working 100%.
The SQL db is giving me that nasty exception.

Thanks in advance!

Marius0188Author Commented:
It looks like a bug in ADO.

Is there any work arounds?
Where can I get the latest Delphi 7 updates?

Marius0188Author Commented:
Can one connect to SQL 2005 db without using ADO components?
Is there any other good alternative components or methods one can try?
Marius0188Author Commented:
Yes I do have that update.
But if I remember correctly, when installing that update it prompt to notify me about missing files where after I just clicked ignore. Maybe it has something to do with that.

Mmmmh, I wonder if I can just update the ADO dcu's etc by getting them from you.
Will that not work?
Much cleaner to get your intall to work correctly, but worth a shot I guess.
Would back up before attempting.
Here you go.
Marius0188Author Commented:
Nope, still not working.

Are you also using Delphi 7 Enterprise?
Delphi 7 pro. I would have thought the ado stuff would have been the same. But I could be wrong.
Not sure how else I can help you...
Marius0188Author Commented:
You don't think it might be the TDBGrid component?
Maybe you must sent me your source and let me try that.

I still think getting your install correct would be a better way to go. But again,
Here you go.
Marius0188Author Commented:
Yip, after this one I will go for re-install and then apply that 7.1 update.
But need a quick fix because installing all my components from start takes 1-2 days.

Marius0188Author Commented:
Ok but another thing is:
It is only in the compiler (IDE) that I get the exception EOleException.

When running outside the IDE no problem.
Should I still be worried?
Marius0188Author Commented:
Ok I will accept that this might be an installation problem.
Have not tested yet but will try to re-install as soon as I have time available.

Lets split the points....

Thanks to all!
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