Creating unattended installs of 3rd software

I was wondering if there was a way to create an unattended install of an MSI.  IE:  Specifying the filepath, "run from network',  etc.  The options that come with a basic windows app install.
The install also has a custom screen that asks for a license number.
If I could do this from the run command/command prompt, that would be ideal.
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cvoutourConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Actually, i found the answer myself without any additional software.
If you run your installation from your run command with the -l* parameter, you can log your MSI install.  In the log there's a 'properties' section which holds all the options and the values you entered.
You can take those property names and some values you want (the same or otherwise) and plug those into your run command for the next time you install it.
C:\Setup.msi -l* c:\LogMe.txt
C:\Setup.msi OptionOne = 1 FileDir=C:\Program
All those parameters are specified in a mst file that is part of the program installer. You need to create or edit that mst file to set all the parameters you want before you do a command line installl using msiexec.

Here is a program that lets you edit mst files

They used to have a free version but I think now theres just a trial

Here are all the info on msiexec
cvoutourAuthor Commented:
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