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How do I configure BIND to correct this issue?

I have Apache, PHP, and MySQL running on this desktop (Windows XP). The websites work correctly and have never caused any problems. Recently I decided I wanted to point www.thebloodyred.com to one of the websites I run on my webserver using BIND9. It works, except I get errors from http://www.checkdns.net. I believe these same errors are preventing me from running a mailserver under the program "hMailServer". First and foremost I'm interested in getting the errors presented to me fixed.

The errors are:

1. CheckDNS.NET checks if all NS have the same version
  Master DNS defined by SOA (ns1.thebloodyred.com.thebloodyred.com) was not found among NS records.
  All 2 your servers have the same zone version 2004041700

2. CheckDNS.NET is verifying if NS are alive
  NS list mismatch: registration authority reports that domain is hosted on the following servers: 'ns1.thebloodyred.com; ns2.thebloodyred.com', but DNS server ns1.thebloodyred.com reports domain to be hosted on 'ns2.thebloodyred.com.thebloodyred.com; ns1.thebloodyred.com.thebloodyred.com'. Please make sure that you configure the same DNS servers in registrar database and on your DNS

3. CheckDNS.NET tests mail-servers
  Domain thebloodyred.com has only one mail-server
  Checking mail server (PRI=10) mail.thebloodyred.com []
  Error connecting to mail server mail.thebloodyred.com [] port 25 : timed out waiting for connection
  Some of your MX do not work properly


I know it's bad to have both nameservers on the same physical machine, but I don't have more than one so it'll have to make due. I believe the problem is in my 127.0.0.rev or thebloodyred.com.zone files.

Contents of 127.0.0.rev

$TTL 900

@            SOA      ns1.thebloodyred.com. (      
                  900 )                  

@            NS      ns1.thebloodyred.com.
@            NS      ns2.thebloodyred.com.

1            PTR      ns1.thebloodyred.com.
2            PTR      ns2.thebloodyred.com.
3            PTR      mail.thebloodyred.com.
4            PTR      www.thebloodyred.com.
5            PTR      kill.thebloodyred.com.
6            PTR      forum.thebloodyred.com.


$TTL 900            

@            SOA      ns1.thebloodyred.com (            
                  900 )            

@            NS      ns1.thebloodyred.com            
@            NS      ns2.thebloodyred.com            

@            A      

@            MX      10 mail            

ns1            A      
ns2            A      

mail            A      

www            A      

kill            A      

forum            A       
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1 Solution
Change these lines:

@            NS      ns1.thebloodyred.com            
@            NS      ns2.thebloodyred.com  

To this:

@            NS      ns1
@            NS      ns2

Having the @ sign at the beginning means you don't have to have the FQDN.
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