Internet Explorer GPO not being applied

I have been using GPO to specify IE settings on my XP workstations (IE7) for many years and all has been fine. Just lately I try and make a change in the GPO (such as change the proxy address, or add a URL to favorites) and it simply is not applied to the computers. In GPMC the resultant policies for that macine and that user show the change ried on a test GPO to set 'Internet Explorer Maintenance policy processing' to always process the policy but no luck. I have also tried re-creating the GPO from scratch.

Any ideas? I don't remember changing anything in other GPO's that may effect it
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PeteConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Working now, there was an old 'favouites' setting that was there tha had been 'not configured' rather than removed. After this was removed the GPO applied as req'd.
Are you applying the policy to the computers or users - if you apply it to computers then any user settings are going to take precidence unless you use loopback
PeteAuthor Commented:
we are applying it to users.

the resultant policy shows it will be applied, but it simply is not..
XP, by default uses Fast Boot.  Have you restarted the machines at least twice since the GPO was introduced?  The first time XP sees the change it will cache it, not apply it.
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