How to set HTTP server on Domino to autostart

Our HTTP server on Domino fails to autostart now after recent maintenance.  I have to manually start it every week with l http.  How do I set the HTTP server to autostart when Domino reboots??
Greg GirtenDesktop Engineer IIAsked:
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's really all you should need to do. Look over your server logs on startup, see if there was an attempt to start HTTP. If there was not, then something odd is going on, perhaps you have two NOTES.INI files or two ServersTasks entries in NOTES.INI, or some other structural problem with your NOTES.INI.

If there was an attemp to start HTTP automatically, then you should see information on why it shut down either without completing the startup, or subsequent to startup.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
make sure HTTP is added to the notes.ini file in the "ServerTasks=" line
Greg GirtenDesktop Engineer IIAuthor Commented:
HTTP is present in the "ServerTasks=" line in the notes.ini file.  Anything else I can look at??
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Greg GirtenDesktop Engineer IIAuthor Commented:
This is a Domino server on an AS400
IN addition, try to manually load it and check the console or log.nsf for any messages.
If you already have some service using http  on the server, it could cause issues.

I hope this helps !
Greg GirtenDesktop Engineer IIAuthor Commented:
Issue resolved
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