Is there a way to find out all IP addresses that have a device on a network? Some dos command?

Hi Experts,

We have a san out on the network but I dont know what its IP is for its web interface.  I figured I would ask if there is a way to find out all ip addresses occupied on a network other than dns?  Thanks.
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bsharathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just try Angry ip scanner.It just searches all the network and gets there details....
Angry ip scanner is one good tool..
Try it...
If the IP is Assigned by DHCP then the DHCP provider will have all the IP and MAC address.
Check the DHCP provider Route or server.
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JSoupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Displays active TCP connections, ports on which the computer is listening, Ethernet statistics, the IP routing table, IPv4 statistics (for the IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP protocols), and IPv6 statistics (for the IPv6, ICMPv6, TCP over IPv6, and UDP over IPv6 protocols). Used without parameters, netstat displays active TCP connections.

netstat [-a] [-e] [-n] [-o] [-p Protocol] [-r] [-s] [Interval]

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-a : Displays all active TCP connections and the TCP and UDP ports on which the computer is listening.

Sp0ckyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guy.  That netstat is a great tool.  Still it does not show the ip that my san is using.  We are not using dhcp.  Angry ip, sounds.. scarey, lol.  i will try it.
Sp0ckyAuthor Commented:
symantec quarantined it....
Sp0ckyAuthor Commented:
ok.  thanks.  it worked.  most be on a different subnet.
just pick any ip scanner from the list...

if angry scanner is blocked - go to the next one, any one of them would be sufficient for your needs
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