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mysql db setup problem with CrystalTech web host

I'm trying to help a friend set up  a free calendar app on their php account that's hosted with crystaltech.com. It looks like php is running on a windows server. The control panel allows creation of a database and the ability to specify users for that db.

The calendar app uses a sql file to create and populate the tables. I asked the host about phpmyadmin or anything else that would let me run this file. They told me I would need to install a standalone version of phpmyadmin on my local computer. This seems really absurd to me. I don't understand why good db interaction tools are not provided by default. It also looks like I would have to have a local linux box setup in order to do this (which i don't). So my questions are:

1. Is there a true standalone phpmyadmin option available that will run on windows (without having to install php and mysql)?

2. Should my friend just switch hosts?

3. Is there a different solution to this problem I don't know about?

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1 Solution
1. PHPMyadmin cannot run without PHP and MySQL, as it is firstly a tool to interact WITH mysql database and second is written in php

2. not sure, but what they are demanding is probably not usual..

3. can you clarify what you are trying to do with the .sql file? as you stated the calendar app uses the sql file to create and populate tables, why are you trying to "run" the sql file?
sstahnkeAuthor Commented:
I don't use php very often so bear with me. i'm referring to the process in phpmyadmin where you select the appropriate db and then browse for a .sql file and then submit the form. This results in the sql code in the file being executed which creates and populates the necessary tables.
and the host doesn't have PHPMyAdmin installed right?
I understand, so you are trying to import into the mysql database all the tables using the .sql file.
mysqldump may be another option, if you have access to the mysql commandline?

hope this helps.
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sstahnkeAuthor Commented:
I'm fairly certain I don't have command line access. There was one "connection testing" area in the control panel but they don't allow you to use any of the sql commands you really need (CREATE, DELETE, ALTER, etc). It looks like all you can do there is run select statements.
really??? that stinks, so to clarify you have asked them how to "import" the database and populate the tables from an sql file and they simply said get a standalone phpmyadmin?

Also do you have PHP access and can PHP connect to the database? if you can then maybe you can use PHP to execute the sql file (untested) like so:
(modify the settings accordingly)
$db = mysql_connect(....);
$fp = fopen('somefile.sql', 'r');
while($fp != feof())
$line = fread($fp, 2048);
$line = mysql_real_escape_string($db, $line);

Open in new window

sstahnkeAuthor Commented:
that is what they said. I was kind of shocked. I should have php access. I'll try that.
MAY have to test and trial with that code, try with a smaller sql file first.
also i'm not sure if that code takes comments, as i said trial and error, otherwise think about changing hosts to someone who has phpmyadmin installed!

if you need to find a host, let me know i know a very good one.
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