Bulk add new smtp domain to existing user accounts

We need to add a new primary smtp domain to for all users and are looking at the easiest way of doing this. We need to keep the left-hand -side name the same as the existing (joe.bloggs1@olddomain.com will change to joe.bloggs1@newdomain.com).

Is there a way for us to run a script that will read "joe.bloggs1" portion and create a new joe.bloggs1@newdomain.com ?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on the above, what I would do is extract what you have using the above tools.
Then copy the email address column to a new column for the second address. Do a find and replace on that column to change the email domain and then re-import. Get it right, nothing else changes.

tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the part before the @ sign manually generated on each account, or is it just a complex recipient policy? If it's just in recipient policy, you could easily copy in the settings used for your old domain to a new entry, with all the variables and parameters (but with the @newdomain.com), then let it apply to users.

If you've manually generated all the bits before the @ sign though, then you'll have to get someone to write you a script...

ericdalyAuthor Commented:
Thanks tigermatt,
     Its is a bit of a mess to be honest as alot of manually modifed addresses exist so proagating a new domain policy does not suit. Approx 8500 users.

We are working on a script but very messy to get right.
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Network_Data_SupportConnect With a Mentor Commented:
crate a recipent policy


and then apply it to to all users
JohnDemerjianConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i did this exact thing a while back and i thought i had the whole routine but i can't find it.  i'll take a look for you at home if you tell me you are still looking for a solution.  in the mean time, take a look at this...

ericdalyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your input guys. After hours of toying around I came up with an excel spreadsheet that contains formulas that can create a command that we place in a batch file which in turn updates the primary smtp field.
If you would like a sample of this please PM me.
ericdalyAuthor Commented:
or email me !
eric.daly at gmail dot com
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