Can not connect to wireless networks- but SEE them

Have an HPNC 6000 laptop. Wont connec to wireless networks. I can SEE THEM when I click on VIEW...and when I click on REPAIR the box times out and it says- can not connect to wireless network.
So if I can see them- it cant be the wireless card..right?
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I have has users with similar problems in the past and this fixed it.

Let me know how it goes...
is it a secure network that you are trying to access? what router are you using?
jaw1971Author Commented:
Yes and I have entered the key
other computers can log into this router succesfully
How do you know if your security is working?

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can you connect and use the internet if you assign ip address manually?
jaw1971Author Commented:
I tried assigning manaully and that did not work.
The little 'CONNECT" button just grays out after entering the code... and then when you click REPAIR
the dialog box goes thru enable/disable/ then says connecting to wireless network for about a minute then sayus
wndows can not repair the problem because the following action could not be completed.. can not connect to wireless network
now I did try going thru the network wizard.. and it says
: The wizard found disconnected network hardware:
and it lists my Wireless connection HP WLAN
have you tried connecting to any other wireless network? its most likely the setting on your wireless adapter. have you downloaded any microsoft updates recently to do with your wireless adapter?
jaw1971Author Commented:
tried another wireless network= tried 2 - neither connect
I did do updates- however they were today- thinking that maybe that was the orginal issue as to WHY i lost connection
It used to work- now has stopped... in 2 locations
I would definately upgrade the NIC driver first and foremost....

There are 3 main .dll's for the Wireless service....


Make sure they are present, in c:\Windows\system32

Fors each one of them....


regsvr32 <.dllname>

Additionally, you can reinstall it by going to c:\windows\inf, and highlighting wzcsvc.inf, and rt clcking>Install.
jaw1971Author Commented:
this worked thanks
check microsoft update website if its updated ur wireless driver, if it has rollback driver otherwise go to the company website and download the latest driver
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