Storing without a database

I want to store data without using a database backend.  I might want to port the application to a handheld at sometime in the future so I need to store the data on the desktop in a way that would be compatable.  I have only done programming using the jet engine in the past and have no idea where to start.  Thanks
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Joel CoehoornConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
Yes, it's similar in usage.  The difference it that it uses SQL Server syntax rather than access syntax, but there aren't that many differences.
The best  option is to have it in XML files.

Solar_FlareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if the data is quite simple then you can save a dataset to XML and load it back again really easily.

just call the datasets ReadXML and writeXML methods passing in a filename, this wil lsimply persist the dataset to the XML file and read it back again.
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spprivateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 a good example of storing data in XML
MoedAuthor Commented:
Well, it seems like xml is the solution of choice.  In a database program I am used to multiple tables linked with common information.  Does it work the same way in xml.  How do you add, edit, delete? Are sql statements used to retrieve the selected information?  Is there a good reference book?
Joel CoehoornDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Look at Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition.  It's upward compatible with full sql server and it was designed originally for use on PocketPC.  You may not *need* a database yet, but as your application grows you'll be happy you designed with a relational data model in mind from the beginning.
MoedAuthor Commented:
Is Microsoft sql server compact edition similar to access in usage.  I would rather continue using what I'm used to if possible?
in XML you can use XPath and XQuery to mess around with the data.
As far as Compact edition it is pretty much like SQL except for that it is a lighter one.
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