Web Share Folder not connecting in windows XP

I am trying to create a web share that will be accessible to users that are not at our site.  A VPN is not an option, and we don't want to use FTP.  I created a folder on the Windows 2003 Standard web server, right clicked on it, properties, web sharing.  Share On:  Default Web Site, and Share This Folder is selected.  Under properties I have Read, Write, Directory Browsing, and Scripts selected.  Under the security settings I gave my username Full Control.  When I go to Network Places to add this folder, and put in http://mail.server.com/foldername it says "the folder you entered does not appear to be valid.  Please choose another."

Any suggestions?


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majidhajaliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
enable WEBDAV on your IIS server
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