Exchange 2007 forwarding to unresolved recipients issue

So I understand that there is no "forward to unresolved recipients" in Exchange 2007.  From I have read I need to change the domain to internal relay and create a send connector for it.  I think I am doing this right, but I keep getting a bounce back with "Nonexthop".  Heres the article that helped me udnerstand it a bit better but it is not helping so fat.

I was hoping one of you can tell me what I am doing wrong.

Below is my config/what I am trying to accomplish:

Domain name is ""
This domain exists on both Lotus Notes and Exchange.
On the hub server I set "" to "internal relay".
Then I went to send connectors and configured a send connector for "" to forward all messages to the IP of the Lotus Notes server.  However as I stated this is still not working????  Please help!  

I have a few other send connectors that send all mail "*" to Postini outbound servers.  And a few others that send messages to older Exchange bridgehead servers.  Then I have one last connector that sends anything going from "" to a different notes server".  Not quite sure about that connector, but it was created during the install.
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mmudryConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This was corrected by changing the Lotus notes connector scope to entire organization.  
sounds like you have configured it correctly.... I use Internal relay

Setup Accepted Domain for as IR
then create a Send connector for  and thats is

what is the weight on your connectors...... make sure * is higher than
mmudryAuthor Commented:
the weight on all connetors is 1.  Should I change them all to 2?  How do I do that?
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mmudryAuthor Commented:
Heres a bit more info.

The account I am sending to for testing is called  There is a contact created for this user.  It primary smtp for exchange is, but its e-mail is set to "NOTES:Help Desk/insurance@insurance".  THis does work with Exchange 2003.  Maybe this info will help.
NOTES:Help Desk/insurance@insurance" that does not look like a valid adress
mmudryAuthor Commented:
That same account works fine when sending to it from a 2003 server.
mmudryAuthor Commented:
I receive this error:
#550 5.4.4 ROUTING.NoNextHop; unable to route ##rfc822;
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