[Win2000] User Profile Missing or Corrupt

O/S:           Windows 2000 Professional, SPK 4  

It seems like we've lost a Windows user profile on one of our machines.

The machine is PC10 and the user is Phil1.

When we logged on today as Phil1 we found that we did not have all the usual Desktop shortcuts, screen saver, System Tray icons, folder settings, etc. In addition there was a message from MS asking if we want to create an internet connection - the kind of message you get when Windows is first installed.

Drilling down to C:\Documents and Settings\     we see two user folders...
- Phil1
- Phil1.PC10  

From the creation date it seems that  Phil1.PC10 was created when the computer was booted up this morning,

Examining   C:\Documents and Settings\Phil1\Desktop   we find all the user-created shortcuts that should appear on the Desktop.

Examining   C:\Documents and Settings\Phil1.PC10\Desktop   we find a couple of system-generated shortcuts, but none of the user-created shortcuts we were expecting.

If I create any new icons on the desktop they get saved in C:\Documents and Settings\Phil1.PC10\Desktop .

On the other hand when I go into ControlPanel/Users&Passwords there is only one user - Phil1.  There's no user called Phil1.PC10.

So it seems that when we are logged on as Phil1, the place where things get stored is Phil1.PC10.
The stuff we need is in Phil1, just that it's not being accessed by Windows.

For the short-term I can work around the loss of the Phil1 Desktop by copying  
        C:\Documents and Settings\Phil1\Desktop
    to C:\Documents and Settings\Phil1.PC10\Desktop

However, I do not know how to get back all the other settings such as screen saver, System Tray icons, folder settings, etc, etc.

Does anyone know how to get the system to use Phil1 and not Phil1.PC10 ???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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My apologies just noticed this was Windows 2000 so System restore isn't on this machine. I would recommend creating a new user and moving the files over seems like just unavoidable corruption. Unless you have backups of the user data file.
Do you receive any error messages?

I would start first with attempting a System Restore back to a point where it was working before. Preferably a System Checkpoint.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
Just log in as admin

copy his favorites and his docuemtnes somewhere else

delete his profile

create new profile for him

copy back his favorites and documents

problem solved

or, just create a new profile and migrate his My Documents to the new account and the Favorites as well.
CE101Author Commented:
Hi Nuttycomputer & cs97jjm3:

Thank you for your suggestions.
Problem solved.
Here's what I did, logged on as administrator

- Copied   \Documents and Settings\Phil1\     to  \Temp
- Using ControlPanel/Users&Passwords, removed user Phil1
- Deleted  \Documents and Settings\Phil1\  
- Deleted  \Documents and Settings\Phil1.PC10\    

- Using ControlPanel/Users&Passwords, created user Phil1
- Deleted  \Documents and Settings\Phil1\
- Copied   \Temp\Phil1\     to   \Documents and Settings\Phil1\  

James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
great thanks for the points
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