Setting option 150 on DCHP for tftp Windows 2003 Server

Hey All,

I am configuring a cisco ip phone and cisco have told me I need to have my dchp server point to my tftp sever with option 150.

So here is how it is:  dhcp server needs to point to tftp server with option 150 set.

Any idea's on how I configure my dhcp server to do this?
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Open Dhcp manager, right click on the dhcp server and select "set predefined options". Type in Name such as Cisco CallManager, set data type to IP Address and put a check mark next to "array", for code put in 150 then click ok.

You can now either edit the array values to predefine the ip addresses of your call manager or set it per scope.

Now when you configure scope options you should be able to select the newly created option 150 and put in the appropriate Ip addresses.

Hope this helps
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