Cannot pull up wsus admin console


I just took over a server and I noticed that the wsus updates were out of date. I went to pull it up in IE and it won't show up. I went and checked and it is using port 8530. I restarted it and also changed security to integrated auth. It still won't pull up when I try to pull it from the url or even when I try to browse to it via IIS. Thanks for any assistance
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
WSUS has prerequisites that must be met before you install it.  I'm surprised you got it installed!

You need MMC 3.0
Microsoft Report Viewer
.NET 2.0
IIS (Application server and ASP).

Please uninstall WSUS.
Install the prerequisites.

Read this and follow it closely then install WSUS and setup your options.

The WSUS repository must be on a second drive (or partition) with enough space to hold at least 10GB (to be safe).
There is no web interface in WSUS 3.0.

Go to Administrative Tools>Windows Server Update Services.

jtandskAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I will check tomorrow. Sorry for getting back to you so late. Been real busy. again thnkx
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jtandskAuthor Commented:
I see it but it won't open. It says that the file does not exist, is not a mmc console, or was created by a later version of mmc. It also says that I maynot have access rights. I know that latter is not the case because I am in as the administrator.
Open MMC.exe.
What version is it?  (Help>about).
It must be version 3.0.

Next, right click that entry in Administrative Tools and find the path to it.
Go there in Explorer.
Tell me what the file details are.

It almost seems like WSUS isn't quite installed right, but let's do one thing at a time.

jtandskAuthor Commented:
I just installed the update for mmc version 3.0
I went to the path and tried opening wsus.msc and it errors out.
jtandskAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help. I will give it a wing and let you know the results.
Perfect.  At this point, I feel there is too much unknown to try to figure out what's happening.

If you follow those articles you should have a workable solution.

Let us know.
jtandskAuthor Commented:
that did it. I had to upgrade the mmc and also needed to install report viewer.

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