sysprep and ghost

My company is having 10 new pcs arriving. can you please describe me complete procedure of sysprep and ghosting.I have lots of confusions like do we have to do sysprep only once for all the 10 pc's and also we have symantec ghost 10 which comes with ghost boot wizard and ghost cast server. Can i take already existing pc which was being used for 2 months now and has all required softwares as a reference computer without affecting it.
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rulirahmadiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are they all same hardware configuration?
abhidarshAuthor Commented:
yes all are of same brand and configuration
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David Scott, MCSEConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
ok i used sysprep with ghost to deploy images to several laptops.  i believe i used the reseal option when doing it.  somehow they all were stuck in factory mode which no promptping for plug and play devices.  

next time around  i didn't use sysprep.  what i did is make sure to remove the clone computer from the domain prior to creating the image.  then if the machines are going to replace another machine, remove that other machine from the domain before replacing (if you want to use the same name).  

then join the new pc to the domain and change it names. this will generate new sids for the machine which is the point of using sysprep in a busines environment (not sales like Dell).

as far as the cloining process, i have had very good luck with the ghost cast server.  if you have an external usb it makes it even easier.

just don't use multicast it can slow your network down.   use unicast

as far as how to use ghost cast server, its actually pretty simple once you've done it once.  i would read your documentation, call symantec, or do some searches in it for more info.  
You need to check out the products on .

abhidarshAuthor Commented:
I have used method described by opie6373 by removing from domain. took the image and restored image on a pc and then joined the domain. it worked fine. but my doubt is what happens to Software key ( Xp professional Produck key). on the new machine now contains only image of reference computer. What product key it holds. does this affects the PC in future.
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
Well, I use open licenses with only one product key so that doesn't affect me
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:

any update? can you close this question?
Thank u :p
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