Failed to connect to database (Configuration Wizard)


I've installed a search server 2008 express in the virtual machine(VMWare), and ran the configuration wizard.
I'm trying to connect to an existing SQL server 2005 express(which is run at host) to create a new config db

I supply the instance name ("lindy\sqlexpress") and credentails
("domain\sqladmin") but keep getting "Failed to connect to the database
server" (see full error below). SQL instance is up and runining, SQL
managment studio installed on the search server 2008 machine (virtual machine) has no problem to connect to
the same instance located on host.

The error message:

SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard
Failed to connect to the database server or the database name does not
exist. Ensure the database server exists, is a Sql server, and that you have
the appropriate permissions to access the database server. To diagnose the
problem, review the extended error information located at C:\Program
Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server
Please consult the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard
help for additional information regarding database server security
configuration and network access.
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Did you enable the network protocols via the Configuration wizrd for that instance ?
By default you cannot connect from the network to a SQL Server 2005 instance.

Start | Programs | Microsoft SQL Server 2005 | Configuration Tools | SQL Server Configuration Manager
open the Network Configuration folder, click on Protocols for <instance name> and enable the TCP/IP and Named Pipes protocols. Restart SQL Service (as told in the popup) and your back in business.

Hope this helps ...
mtdzglAuthor Commented:
Thanks! But I've enable the TCP/IP and named Pipes protocals, i.e. the SQL 20005 express remote access is enable. I can connect the instance by SQL managment studio installed on the search server 2008 machine. But it isn't ok by the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard.
Can you run a trace on the SQL Server to see what connection attempt is made ?
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mtdzglAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Could you please tell me how to run the trace on the SQL server?
The SQL server is installed on host, the sharepoint service and search server 2008 are installed on virtual machine. Sometimes it failed if visit host through virtual machine.  Maybe it is the problem. But It is strange that SQL manage studio run at virtual machine is ok to visit SQL server.
From a machine that can connect to the SQL Server and has the tools installed, run SQL Profiler (Start | Programs | Microsoft SQL Server 2005 | Performance Tools | SQL Server Profiler)
Connect to the SQL Server and create a new trace (from a blank template) and go to the events tab. Scroll to the Security Audit and open the folder. Mark the items 'Audit Login', 'Audit Login Failed' and 'Audit Logout'. Start by clicking Run.

Now you will see a list of all successful logins, failed logins and logout events.

Try to connect from the app's and see what the trace is showing you ... and tell us, so we can help you from there on.

Hope this helps ...
mtdzglAuthor Commented:
I installed the SQL server 2005 express which is free version. Maybe no trace function. Anyway, thanks a lot!
... is it working now ?
mtdzglAuthor Commented:
I'm troubleshooting. I will get back to you if it works. I think it is the virtual machine problem.
mtdzglAuthor Commented:
maybe it is impossible mission that remote connect the database for sharepoint service.
I run the SQL server express same with Search Server express. it is ok now.
try this Programs --> SQL SERVER 2005 -->Config Tools --> SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configthen Surface Area Config for Services and Connections, Go to the specific SQL instance (SQLXYZ for example) and allow the remote connection

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