Vista client connects to XP pro vpn. however once connected, cannot access networked computers by name and cannot bowse the internet.

I have a Vista home premimum laptop that is not connecting to my XP Pro based VPN the way I need it to.
when connected, the vista machine cannot open a shared folder on the host machine using the computer name such as \\severName\sharedFolder. ALSO Once connected it also cannot browse the internet.

*The Vista computer does allow me to open shared folders when connected to my personal home wireless LAN but ONLY using the \\10.0.1.x as an address, not the name.
*When I attempt to open a shared folder on the server while connected to the VPN using the host computers  name it gives me a message saying "invalid host name"
*When I attempt to open a shared folder on the server while connected to the VPN using the host computers  name it gives me a message saying "" is not set ip to establish a connection on port "File and printer sharing (SMB) with this computer.
*I have two xp pro desktops that connect to the VPN with no problems.
All computers have the same Workgroup name.
The server is behind a 2Wire home portal in DMZplus mode allowing all connections and traffic (temporarly until I work out the kinks)
When the vista machine is connected to the vpn it is able to VNC into the host computer using its its10.0.1.1 ip address but not the name.

WHat is causing this? how can I get it to access resources by computer name?

Here are the settings for the incoming connections on the XP pro server:
Internet Protocol [TCP/IP] (checked)
-allow other users to connect to the computer by tunneling through the network (checked)
-Callers allowed to acces my LAN (checked)
-specified address range -
-allow calling computer to speify its own address (unchecked)
File and printer sharing for microsoft networks (checked)
Client for Microsoft Networks (checked)
QoS Packet Scheduler (checked)
NWLink NetBIOS (checked)
All computers login to the VPN using the same name (not simoutainously)

VPN Settings for the pesky Vista machine:
Internet protocol V6 (TCP/IPv6) (checked)
>Obtains DNS server address automatically (selected)
> Use default gateway (checked)
> Automatic metric (checked)
>Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes (selected, but greyed out)
>Append parent suffixes of primary DNS (checked, but greyed out)
>DNS suffix for this connection (I've tried filling out the computers name here and leaving it blank)
>register this connection's addresses in DNS (checked)
>Use this connections's DNS suffix in DNS registration

internet protocol v4 (checked)
>obtain an ip auto (checked)
obtain DNS server auto (checked)
Enabled LMHOSTS lookup (checked, but greyed out)
Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP (selected)
file and printer sharing for microsoft netoworks (checked)
QoS Packet scheduler (checked)
Client for Microsoft check (checked)

When connected to the VPN ipconfig gives the following info on the connection:
PPP adapter servername VPN:
connection-specific DNS suffic: blank
IPv4 address
Subnet Mask
default gateway <I found this odd because the Xp Pro VPN clients have a default gateway matching the Ipv4 address.

The Xp pro clients have all the same settings with in the client setup as the vista machine.

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hmm I still woudl like to believe this points to a firewall somewhere maybe on Vista.
I just came home from work so bare with me :)
Have you rebooted all the machines?
Any errors take a look in xp control panel administrative tools events applications any errors listed can we see the event id number?
Same on Vista?

Check the answers here from EE database
Are XP shares available from Vista?

VISTA cannot connect to XP machine on home network

Hope it helps let me know.
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:

It looks like the XP box is not routing packets between the VPN interface and the LAN interface.  Have you tried bridging the two interfaces?

Also sounds like a firewall is blocking it.
I have seen the sharing problem when a firewall has an ip address included but then the internet does not work.
Zone alarm was notourious for this.
Please check the firewall, they  need a password to work.

Alterntaive idea in XP the HELP has a great Net diagnostic, xp pro
in start windows help and support choose fixing a problem at the bottom, then choose networking and on the rightside choose diagnose network configuration and run automated tests

 Both need to be on the same network with the same workgroup name.
If you use DHCP for configuring your network (get network address
automatically) the network should be the same.
But I understand the default workgroup name is different in Vista & XP.
Check it and make them match, it doesn't matter which one you use as long as
both are in the same workgroup.
Sometimes Vista doesn't 'see' the XP machine without the update available
Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP

Have you tired the netstat cmd prompt?
ping cmd?
How to troubleshoot home networking in Windows XP
tet3828Author Commented:
* I have two xp pro clients connecting to the xp pro VPN server with no problems. The Vista computer is connecting but not finding the host name. and it is not able to access shared folders
* All hardware and software firewalls are disabled.
* All computers belong to the same workgroup
* I do not believe I am using DHCP to assign the IP addresses as I have set the XP box to assign addresses to incoming connections with in the [ -] ip range to deter ipconflicts.
* The download did not solve the issue I am having with the vista host name.

* When the vista machine is connected to the network I can ping the VPN host at
however when I ping the machinge using the computer name... "could not find the host myServer"

* When I run netstat it lists 4 connections: two are the vista pc itself. the other two are:            MYERS:5900       State established  <t----this is the VNC connection I have running to the my xp pro box running the VPN Server          MYERS:pptp            State Established <------this is the VPN connection.

More suggestions are more than welcomed.

tet3828Author Commented:
I was in denial that the Norton firewall would be a problem on CLIENT computer. Thank You. The computer also needed a reboot after the firewall was turned off.
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