Oracle UTL_FILE function - Divide the file into equal parts?

Posted on 2007-11-20
Last Modified: 2013-12-19

I have a batch job I am running where I am writing a large amount of data to one file.  I need to be able to split this file into 4 equal size parts before I ftp it due to it's large size.  Is there anyway I can do this in Oracle? I cannot do the splitting while I am querying for the data because the data is always changing.  That's why I need to split it after the data is written to the file.  Any help would be appreciated!!!
Question by:farekat
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Expert Comment

by:Jinesh Kamdar
ID: 20320157
Use the API UTL_FILE.fgetattr to (spec. given below) get the size of the file and then read the source file and write into the 4 target files by looping them thru the total size / 4 for each file.
  ** FGETATTR - Get file attributes
  ** IN  location     - directory location of file
  ** IN  filename     - file name (including extention)
  ** OUT fexists      - true or false, for exists or doesn't exist.  Note:
  **                      the following parameters have no meaning if the file
  **                      doesn't exist, in which case, they return NULL.
  ** OUT file_length  - length of the file in bytes.
  ** OUT block_size   - filesystem block size in bytes.
  **   invalid_path      - not a valid file handle
  **   invalid_filename  - file not found or file name NULL
  **   file_open         - file is not open for writing/appending
  **   access_denied     - access to the directory object is denied
  PROCEDURE fgetattr(location    IN VARCHAR2,
                     filename    IN VARCHAR2,
                     fexists     OUT BOOLEAN,
                     file_length OUT NUMBER,
                     block_size  OUT BINARY_INTEGER);

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Expert Comment

ID: 20320234
I would work on the file after it is created.  If you are Windows, you'll have to find a file splitter.  (here is an old but good one:  However, if you are using Linux, simply issue the command:

$ split –bytes=1m /path/to/large/file /path/to/output/file/prefix

Unfortunately, the Linux version does not allow a "split into 4 equal sizes option" -- just uses file sizes.

Expert Comment

ID: 20320240
Sorry.. command for split in Linux should read:

$ split --bytes=1m /path/to/large/file /path/to/output/file/prefix
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Author Comment

ID: 20320762
is there a way I can incorporate file size in that statement in UNIX?

Author Comment

ID: 20321696
Or even better is there a way I can do the split by number of lines in the big file I'm trying to split (it will not always be a number divisible by 4 of course).  thanks in advance!
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Accepted Solution

Jinesh Kamdar earned 500 total points
ID: 20321803
To Split a File Into Multiple Files Containing a Specified Number of Lines
       split [ -l LineCount ] [ -a SuffixLength ] [ File [ Prefix ] ]

To Split a File Into Multiple Files Containing a Specified Number of Bytes
       split -b Number [ k | m ] [ -a SuffixLength ] [ File [ Prefix ] ]


       1    To split a file into 1000-line segments, enter:

            split book

            This example splits book into 1000-line segments named xaa, xab, xac, and so forth.

       2    To split a file into 50-line segments and specify the file-name prefix, enter:

            split -l 50 book sect

            This example splits book into 50-line segments named sectaa, sectab, sectac, and so forth.

       3    To split a file into 2KB segments, enter:

            split -b 2k book

            This example splits the book into 2*1024-byte segments named xaa, xab, xac, and so forth.

       4    To split a file into more than 676 segments, enter:

            split -l 5 -a 3 book sect

            This example splits a book into 5-line segments named sectaaa, sectaab, sectaac, and so forth, up to sectzzz (a maximum of 17,576 files).

Author Comment

ID: 20322015
What if the file size is constantly change?

For example, I have a file that has 713 lines.

Id like to split it up into four different files with the following number of lines:

File 1: 178
File 2: 178
File 3: 178
File 4: 179

Doesnt matter which file is the bigger file.  I tried to do it by obtaining (line count divided by 4)+1 but then it gives me this result:

File 1: 179
File 2: 179
File 3: 179
File 4: 176

I'd like for the results to be as even as possible, I tried using 178 but it created a 5th file which I dont want.
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Expert Comment

by:Jinesh Kamdar
ID: 20322090
I am not sure if that is possible since every file will be created to hold the specified no. of rows only - there's no exception even for the last file. And 1 line more or less is not going to be a big issue as far as performance goes.
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Expert Comment

by:Jinesh Kamdar
ID: 20325696
Thanks for the points though i would have appreciated a split with Joe since using "split" command was his original idea :)

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