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How do I pass multiple values thought One Variable

Posted on 2007-11-20
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18

I have this stored procedure below which at present only filters on one variable @Product_Code1.

Its it possible to pass multiple values to this variable e.g.

exec test '1633,1891'

I've tried the above, but it interprets it as one string.
@Product_Code1 nvarchar(100)
SELECT     dbo.cart.Customer_URN, dbo.TRIM(dbo.customer.Customer_Title) As Title, dbo.TRIM(dbo.customer.Customer_Forename) As Forename, dbo.TRIM(dbo.customer.Customer_Surname) As Surname
FROM         dbo.cart INNER JOIN
                      dbo.cartitem ON dbo.cart.Cart_URN = dbo.cartitem.Cart_URN INNER JOIN
                      dbo.product ON dbo.cartitem.Product_URN = dbo.product.Product_URN INNER JOIN
                      dbo.customer ON dbo.cart.Customer_URN = dbo.customer.Customer_URN
WHERE     (dbo.cart.Cart_Order_DateTime BETWEEN CONVERT(DATETIME, '2007-01-15 00:00:00', 102) AND CONVERT(DATETIME, '2007-11-15 00:00:00', 102)) 
                      AND (dbo.cart.Cart_Status = N'Order') AND (dbo.product.Product_Code) in (@Product_Code1)
GROUP BY dbo.cart.Customer_URN, dbo.customer.Customer_Title, dbo.customer.Customer_Forename, dbo.customer.Customer_Surname, 
HAVING      (NOT (dbo.cart.Customer_URN IN
                          (SELECT     dbo.cart.Customer_URN
                            FROM          dbo.cart INNER JOIN
                                                   dbo.cartitem ON dbo.cart.Cart_URN = dbo.cartitem.Cart_URN INNER JOIN
                                                   dbo.product ON dbo.cartitem.Product_URN = dbo.product.Product_URN
                            WHERE      (dbo.cart.Cart_Order_DateTime BETWEEN CONVERT(DATETIME, '2007-10-15 00:00:00', 102) AND CONVERT(DATETIME, 
                                                   '2007-11-15 00:00:00', 102)) AND (dbo.cart.Cart_Status = N'ORDER')
                            GROUP BY dbo.cart.Customer_URN))) AND (dbo.customer.Customer_Marketing <> N'DEAD')
                            ORDER BY Surname

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Question by:BenthamLtd
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Expert Comment

ID: 20320891
What is the data type of your Product_Code field?

Author Comment

ID: 20320915
The data type is nvarchar

Accepted Solution

doobdave earned 500 total points
ID: 20321226
Hi there,

as I see it, you have two viable options:

1) use dynamic SQL.  This involves concatenating the string passed as a parameter into your select statement and using EXEC or sp_executesql to execute it (look those up in BOL). This is subject to SQL Injection attacks, can be poorly performing, and does not provide compile-time syntax checking

2) Create a table-valued function (see code snippet) to split a string into a table variable.  The table variable will contain a row for each value. You can then use your original SQL with an IN clause, using the function as follows:

SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE colname IN (SELECT SplitValues FROM dbo.ftn_DelimitedListToIntTableVariable)

Note that you will need to grant SELECT permission on the function.

I highly recommend option 2 as it's more flexible.

Best Regards,

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[ftn_DelimitedListToIntTableVariable]
	@DelimitedList varchar(max),
	@Delimiter varchar(1)
RETURNS @tbl table(SplitValues int)
	Accepts a character-delimited string of values.
	Returns a table variable, containing one row for each value in the string that was passed in.
	Values are split according to the character supplied for the @Delimiter variable.
	Values are converted to integer data type and stored in the returned table.
	DECLARE @DelimiterPos int
	-- Find the first comma
	SET @DelimiterPos = PATINDEX( '%,%', @DelimitedList)
	-- If a delimiter was found, @DelimiterPos will be > 0.
	WHILE @DelimiterPos > 0
			-- Insert the value between the start of the string and the first delimiter, into the table variable.
			INSERT INTO @tbl(SplitValues) SELECT CAST(LTRIM(RTRIM((SUBSTRING(@DelimitedList, 1, @DelimiterPos -1)))) AS int)
			-- Trim the string of the first value and delimiter.
			SET @DelimitedList = SUBSTRING(@DelimitedList, @DelimiterPos +1, LEN(@DelimitedList) - @DelimiterPos)
			-- Look for the next delimiter in the string.
			SET @DelimiterPos = PATINDEX( '%,%', @DelimitedList)
	-- Ensure the last / only value in the @DelimitedList string gets inserted into the table variable.
	INSERT INTO @Tbl(SplitValues) SELECT CAST(LTRIM(RTRIM((@DelimitedList))) AS int)

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Expert Comment

ID: 20321237
sorry, I just noticed you're using SQL Server 2000, you will need to change the input paramter for the function to be varchar(8000) instead of varchar(max)

Author Comment

ID: 20323484
Thanks for your suggestion.

I have made a work around using a built table as the productcode selection.

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