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Publisher 2003 stopped importing EPS Files

Hi Experts

Please can you guys help...

I have been using MS Word 2003 (Office 2003 Pro), Acrobat 7 Pro & MS Publisher 2003 (Office 2003 Pro) to create a four page document that I print out on A3 size paper.

Now firstly I create the four page document in word I then covert it to PDF, so I now have a 4 page PDF file.
I then save the PDF as 4 seperate Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) files and import them into my Publisher Template thus creating my 4 pages on the one big publisher file, which I then printout on A3.

So im left with an A3 size piece of paper with all 4 pages in a 2x2 grid.

I have been doing this for 3 or 4 years with no problems at all until yesterday, for some reason now when I try to insert the four EPS files into my Publisher Template, Publisher asks me "Convert File From?"
and displays a list of file types, I then choose  "Encapsulated Post Script (EPS)" and publisher then displays the following error message - "An error occured while importing this file <Filename> and refuses point blank to import the file.

Now the only thing that has happened to change the PC's configin the last day or so is an MS update with among over things MS Office 2003 SP3 in it.

I'm now  wondering has SP3 stopped publisher from importiing EPS files? and is there a way around this short of re softwaring the PC and never letting MS update it again!

Any help would be gratefully excepted.
Thanks guys
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1 Solution
Apparently there are mulitple problems using EPS images in Publisher 2003:

I wasn't able to find out much about this problem (I'll try to find more info)

One thing that is recommended is to convert the image to a .tiff.

SteSiAuthor Commented:
Thanks DeeDee,

I tried the same process but using Tiff files instead of EPS's there is no loss in quality which is why I didnt really want to go down the JPG or PNG road, I was affraid the loss in quality would be too great, to be honest I never really gave Tiffs a thought but will use them from now on.

Thans again.
SteSiAuthor Commented:
I have just noticed on some of the pages that contain pictures there is a loss in quality with the text, if the page contains no picture the text quality is perfect.

Any idea's why this would happen, bearing in mind I am using Acrobat 7 Pro to convert the pages from Pdf to Tiff.
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Oh I haven't really tried using Acrobat to convert images to a .tiff.  Do you have any photo editing software or Illustrator?  Mostly I would recommend using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  

Also, there is a program called gimp for converting images that is highly recommended (though I haven't tried it).  It's free and you can download it here:

SteSiAuthor Commented:
Hi DeeDee
You missunderstand me a little there I think, I'm not trying to convert the pictures to Tiff I have quite a few programs that can be used for this, No I'm converting the pages of a Word document to Tiff.

Basically I need a 2x2 grid of the pages of a 4 page word document on an A3 peice of paper.

So that being the case, I start with Word but I cant print out the 2x2 grid I need from Word so I need to get the doc to Publisher which will let me print the 2x2 grid.

So I PDF the word doc because Acrobat lets me make a Tiff/EPS file of each of the pages I then insert the 4 pages one by one into my Publisher template (the 2x2 Grid).

In doing this though I seem to lose quality of the overall page if it contains any pictures, if the page is text only it is perfect.

If I could find a way to insert the pages of the Word doc straight into Publisher I would be over the moon, but sadly I can't find a way.

Thanks for the help so far DeeDee you have helped greatly already, but If I could find way to bypass the PDF stage that would be awesome.

Anyway Thanks again.

Ok, sorry about that, I don't think I understood all that you needed!  

Well, I think making a PDF of the Word document is really a good idea (and you can play with the PDF creating settings for whatever type of resolution you need.  If you

There probably are no ways to insert the pages directly from Word to Publisher.  Of course word text files can be imported into Publisher, but the pictures have to be placed separately.

So, you have 2 choices, make a picture of the word file and put it into Publisher or take the text from the word file, put it into Publisher and then put in pictures. (this insures that the text is very clean and sharp but you might have to format it all over again in Publisher)

I did a test and when I saved a PDF as .tiff, the pages were only 200 dpi which isn't the best for type or text on the page.  What I do when I have a PDF and need to make an image of a page.  I open the PDF in Photoshop where I can specify what dpi I want to use (and for higher quality printing, I set it at 300 dpi) You can also select either CMYK or RGB, depending on what you need the image for (for some printers CMYK will be best, but for things like slideshows or the web, I use RGB).

Next I select Layer>Flatten Image.  I sometimes correct the colors while I have the file in Photoshop. Then I can save as a .tiff or other type of image file (or I edit it sometimes using Filter>Shapen edges.  You have to be really careful using the sharpening filters though, so be prepared to undo!

The only drawback to my method is that there is that extra step of using Photoshop, and unfortunately you can only do one page at a time.  But you get far better image quality by doing this. (and if file size isn't an issue, you can make higher resolution images than you will get by just saving the PDF from Acrobat)

You may be able to get the PDF to convert ok to many types of graphics.  .Tiff is good for high end printing if it is high enough resolution and it seems that Acrobat just doesn't save them high enough. But when you have smaller text on a page, I recommend using the extra step with Photoshop.

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