write"search" code using jsp?

Hi, I want to create a jsp page that enable the user to do "search" operation based on criteria and the search will be performed in the sql database
the scenario again as follows:
1-user insert the search phrase in the specifide field
2- select option on dropdown menu "for example"
2- click the search button
4- the search will happen in my database "sql server2000" based on the phrase and the choice in the drop down menu
5- the web page will display the result
Do you have a code or a good reference to do that ??
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TheMajesticConnect With a Mentor Commented:

here is the java code for the search engine.


hope this will help u .
Eugene ZCommented:
master_programmerAuthor Commented:
Thanx, I know all of these things,but the problem is how to do the search
You need to create query which will search the database.
In which field you want to search?
If you want to search in all fields then add this q in
Database/MS-SQL-Server/ section, if there is any better way?
master_programmerAuthor Commented:
Thanx, I'll try this link


it seems that it is what i want
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