Problem with a service each time a user connects using rdp

I have implemented Windows 2003 R2 for a while. The server is a Terminal Desktop Server. Many (over 40) people around my country conect to the server via: RDP (terminal services)

Well: some times when a user connects, some services start (I dont know what those services mean, I believe months ago they didnt start)

The main service that starts is  "Remote call Process (RPC) "

The other services that start are
-Rasman (Remote Access Conexion Administrator) and Thepephonie (TapiSrv). These 2 services start because the RPC service depends on them

What is strange is that
-A user conects as a remote terminal server user, the 3 services starts
-It doesn't matter if another user starts remote session in the moment where 3 services are ON.

Both 3 services remain alive for about 1 minute and then stop
Then, afeter that, if a user starts remote session (Terminal Server Session always), the 3 services start again

My questions are:
-Why these services start? (RPC mostly because the other 2 are necesary for RPC)
-They should start? (for a common  terminal server user that connects as a guest)
-Why they Stop in about 1 minute
-What is the purpose?
Thank your very mutch in advance

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dreamyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Rasman is required for most but not all RAS, ADSL or Cable connections.
Telephony provides support for programs that control telephony devices and IP based voice connections. e.g unimodem modems.
Ok, here are my questions.

Find out first if the issue is related to the USER or to the MACHINE that the user accesses. Log into the machine using another user's account and then do an rdp to the server. If the issue does not repeat itself, it means that there are some settings in the user's profile that are causing these services to start.

Secondly, check if any group policies are in effect that may be causing this issue.

Well: some times when a user connects, some services start (is it happening to only one user or to multiple users?)
Where do these services start, on the client machine or on the server? Do you get any related event id's in the event logs? if yes could you copy paste them here?
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JuliancitoAuthor Commented:
The services start in the SERVER. It dosn't matter from witch PC you connect from. I will see the Polices.
the events are in spanish
See the pictures in my hosting:
both 3 events when TapiSrv (telephonie service) starts
and then last when Remote access conection administrator service starts

And read again what I posted. The services start with a user for example.Then it doesnt matter if 1 or 100 users start session (terminal desktop session) until 3 services go down. When the go down (in about a minute), the will start again when the first user connects
why not go into the services manager console and disable these services?
JuliancitoAuthor Commented:
Yeah. I can do that, but What are they (the services, mostly the main service -Remote call Process (RPC)-), for what?
The RPC service should by default be set to "automatic" "started" and run under the nt authority\network service account.

So go to the services console on the server and check if that's the way it's been set.
RPC is a networking related service. If you disable the RPC service, then none of the networking related services will work.
"These 2 services start because the RPC service depends on them"

are you sure about this statement that you made?

on the server, go to start-->run-->services.msc
select the "remote procedure call" aka RPC service and go to the dependencies tab.

The area under the section "this service depends on the following system components" MUST BE GRAYED OUT.
JuliancitoAuthor Commented:
As you noticed, I've  made i mistake.
Many services depend on RPC. (it doesn't matter this service)

The service that starts (why?) is Rasman (Remote Access Conexion Administrator)
As it depends on RPC an Thelephony, both start as well.
Both are legitimate windows services and It's normal behaviour for both these services to start.
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