How do I grab html Pipe-delimited Ajax response?

I have an ajax process that calls another page and that page returns an html page with just rows of pipe-delimited records on the page. How do I take that response from xmlHttp.response.Text and put into a multi-dimensional array, so each row is an element of the array. And the pipe separates each field of the row?
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bdichiaraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
////////    html    //////////


////////    javascript    //////////

function convert(theHtml){
      var firstArray = theHtml.split("\n"); // this might need to change if using <br> instead of new lines.
      var finalArray = new Array();
      for(var i=0; i < firstArray.length; i++){
            finalArray[finalArray.length] = firstArray[i].split("|");
      //you're all set. below just shows you it's in a 2-dimensional array
      for(var f=0; f < finalArray.length; f++){
            for(var c=0; c < finalArray[f].length; c++){
      return finalArray;
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