Limited acces of active directory from XP machine.

I want to know how can have limited access of Active Directory from XP Workstation.
I have installed Admin pack on xp machine, but i can see all the objects and users by that.

I want to set limited access.
i want to give one main user access to reset or change the password of one group of members only.

I want to know how can i filter the view of main user by which he will be able to view only one particuler group of users.

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By default, all Authenticated Users have read access to all of Active Directory; this can be modified only after extensive testing, as it can render features like Group Policy unusable.

You can create a limited-view Taskpad for a delegated administrator as follows:
in AD, place this user in a particular container, right click this container and select DELEGATION.

In delegation, add this particular user, then you can give this user permission to reset password for users.

kulvinder_10Author Commented:
I have tried that too, but it also atleast shows all the servers, computers and other used accounts on the active directory.

I want he will be able to see and modify only one group
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there is no way to accomplish your task using just the available features of AD, use can still be able to view the objects though?
kulvinder_10Author Commented:
LauraEHunterMVP i wil try your isea in couple of day and let you know

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If you delegate control to a group, then you can build and a custom taskpad which only lets the users see the objects and tasks that you deem necessary. See for an example of how to do this.
kulvinder_10Author Commented:

Thanks LauraEHunter
I have tried your idea on my Dummy machines and it seems to be working.

Thanks for your advice..
kulvinder_10Author Commented:
Thanks Buddy
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