Covert Word 5 for Mac document into modern format

I recently helped a friend pull some of her college papers of of her old Apple running OS 6 and complemented with Word for Mac v5.  The docs are not being read correctly by the modern version of Word on her XP PC.  Anybody know how to convert these into Word 97 or newer?
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pheidiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here are two appz that say they will work. Plus here is a site from a guy who specializes in this believe it or not.
pheidiusCommented: here is a huge list of compatibility relationship software.
TECHHEAD_bizAuthor Commented:
Nothing on this list seems to be appropriate.  Thanks for trying.
TECHHEAD_bizAuthor Commented:
Yes, these have demo versions that claim to work with Word 5 for Mac.  Thanks.
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