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we recently bought a new firm wich has its own IT infrastructure (domain, exchange, ....). Is there a way to grant one of their users access to the Outlook calandar of one of our users?
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kbitguruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simplest of answer is create a new user account for your user in their domain, give this user permission to desired calendar. Allow web access to outlook calendar.

You may also want to establish trust between two domains and allow users of your domain to access resources of other domain. See below a good article in creating trust between domains in separate forest.


Vishal BreedProgram ManagerCommented:
InterOrg Replication tool (by Microsoft)


* I have supported (implemented) & troubleshooted this before. This is the only non-3rd party option if you want to keep 2 separate Exchange Organization & share calendar.

* For successful implementation kinldy read first KB article carefully & understand it before deployment.
Kazung-QAuthor Commented:
kbitguru: This seems the easiest way for now. A trust is not yet possible (due to a number of reasons.). But they will be integrated in our domain eventually. Thanks for the fast help!
You can also allow RPC/HTTP access, if user wishes to see the information in MS Outlook instead of OWA.

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