Exchange Server 2000 - Spoofed Address

we have external mail users that use Outlook Express to send mail using our Exchange. We have had to replace our firewall that used to proxy everything and since the replacement all inbound mail from any of our users is being bounced by the Exchange with the following message: "Diagnostic-Code: smtp;553 The sender is spoofed.". How can I configure my Exchange server to allow mesages from these remote users?
Many thanks
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you sure that it isn't Surf Control trying to send the message out? It certainly is not Exchange doing it on its own.


I'm assuming that you have message filtering turned on in some way.

Try this link:
 It is part 3 of a multipart series on Exchange configuration & I think it will cover your issue.

Hope this helps
That is not an Exchange message.
If you are using Exchange 2000 then you have no protection from spoofing. Therefore that error is being generated by something else - antispam application I suspect.

SMcCleanAuthor Commented:
Oh right. The offending messages are in the badmail folder on the exchange and we noticed this because our mail filtering software (surf control) was trying to send NDRs out that seem to be generated by the exchange.
SMcCleanAuthor Commented:
You were right - it was the Surf Control system. Many thanks.
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