Problems installing Altiris SVS under Vista


I try to install the Altiris SVS 2.1 virtualisation package (with free key for individuals & private use) under the Vista operationgsystem of my brandnew computer.
After supplying the registration key, and the click of "next" I get the error:

Fatal error
Installation ended prematurely because of an error

Searching on the internet, on the Juice forum and other places, the common idea is that there is a problem with the "next" button in the visual basic of the Wise package that unpacks and setups the software. The solutions that are proposed are to register manually a certain dll "vbscript.dll" with regsvr32.exe , and the problem should be solved.
Not in my case. The operating system said that the dll was well registered. I rebooted the system, but the problem stayed.

Can anyone help??
Suggestion (I am new to Vista).:
A few problems with installing programs were solved with running the program "as administrator". Right click on the programname and choose "run as administrator".
Although my userID has full administrator rights, this seems to be important. But because the Altiris installation is done with an msi-file, I don't have the option to run this as an administrator....

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Found this page where the advice was to turn off UAC (User Account Control) in Vista:
Altiris SVS - install fatal error on Vista

This Microsoft page gives some general information about the new Vista feature called User Account Control:
Windows Vista: Features Explained: User Account Control

User Account Control has been added to the Vista feature list in order to increase security by limiting the damage that can be introduced into the system by malware or by inadvertent mistakes made by users.  Malware in the past have been able to take advantage of system level privileges to damage files, change system configurations, or transmit data outside the network.  

There are now two types of users:  Standard Users and Administrators.  But even Administrators by default run with Standard User privileges and in order to run tasks that require administrative privileges must respond to a UAC dialog box asking for permission to continue the action.

It is possible to turn off User Account Control, although this is certainly not recommended.  To do so:  open Control Panel, click User Account and Family settings, click the option for Add or remove user account, select a user account and click Go to the main User Account page, click Change security settings, click to remove the check mark next to Turn on User Account Control (UAC) to make your computer more secure, click OK and restart the computer.    

If you are using the classic interface to Control Panel, then the process is simplified for the current user, because after opening Control Panel, and clicking User Accounts, then there is an option in the window called Turn User Account Control on or off.


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If that doesn't work, then another possibility is to use the built-in "real" Administrator account, which has more privileges than the standard administrative account.  The built-in Administrator account is disabled by default, so you would have to enable it first before you can use it.  See this page:
How to access the true Administrator account in Windows Vista

the "real administrator account" is disabled by default so you have to enable it:-

Press [Windows Key] + [r] to enable the RUN option
enter LUSRMGR.MSC (the local user accounts manager)
Accept the UAC warning and continue
Double-click USERS
LuckyLuke57Author Commented:
Hello LeeTutor,

Your first answer came in at the same moment I was reading the same advice of turning off UAC.

So this might be the solution. I can't test it before tomorrow morning (GMT +1), so I'll come back to that tomorrow.


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LuckyLuke57Author Commented:
This IS the solution.
My advice:
When getting the "ended prematurely" error installing Altiris SVS, FIRST check if UAC is disabled, and if that doesn't solve the problem, manualy register vbscript.dll.
Thanks LeeTutor
Did you manage to install svs.  I've got the exact same problem trying to install fatal error.
UAC is off but I can't find the administrator account (Vista Home Premium, does it have one)

Let me know how you got on, if it installed or not and tell me how.

LuckyLuke57Author Commented:

I use Altiris everyday on my Vista computer.
I don't even remember the above mentioned problem ;-).
Because I accepted the solution, I think that is the only thing I did.

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