DataSet changes values is possible?

I populate a DataSet using a sql query, one of the columns is a date in oracle format, I want to convert this to a proper date, I am therefore trying to loop through the dataset date column, and convert each entry to a date.  Doesnt seem to be working though, here is the code:

for(int a=0;a<=ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count-1;a++)
DateTime basetime2=DateTime.Parse("31 Dec 1969 18:00:00");
basetime2 = basetime2.AddSeconds(double.Parse(ds.Tables[0].Rows[a].ItemArray[2].ToString()));

DataGrid1.DataSource = ds;

why is this not working, and is there an easier way?
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evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
>> why is this not working?
Please clarify what you mean by not working.
sterankinAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not being clear, when I bind the dataset to the datagrid, the DATE column is still in the oracle format, like this:

REF_NUM             STATUS           OPEN_DATE             C_LAST_NAME          C_FIRST_NAME
5992436                    RIP              1195494904                        Doe                           John

As you can see above, the OPEN_DATE has not been coverted to a proper date.
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Are there no Oracle functions to manipulate data as part of your query?

Something like (this is MySQL)...

select DATE_FORMAT(mydate, "dd/mm/yyyy") from mytable;

I found this: -
select to_char(mydate,'DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS') from mytable;

Does that help? If not try looking at date formatting functions in Oracle (sorry, I don't know Orable).

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sterankinAuthor Commented:
Thanks but that did not work - the date is stored in oracle as the number of seconds after 31 Dec 1969 18:00:00.

So to convert it to the correct date I need to add the number of seconds to 31 Dec 1969 18:00:00 to get the correct date.

e.g. if the date stored in oracle is like this:  1195494904    
I need to add 1195494904   as seconds to 31 Dec 1969 18:00:00 in order to get the correct date.

I was trying to loop through the dataset to do this, but I'm not sure if you can edit the values in a dataset before it is bound to a datagrid, that is what I am trying to find out.
sterankinAuthor Commented:

I should not that it IS converting the date correctly, just not changing them in the dataset.

i,e, if I add this code:

The textbox displays the correct date in the correct format.  So is it not therefore possible to edit the entries in a dataset?

How else could I do this so I can display the correctly formatted dates in the datagrid?
sterankinAuthor Commented:

This is really confusing me now so I have increased the points, I think it should be ok to edit the dataset through the loop, but it does not seem to be stroring the value?


OdbcConnection conn = new OdbcConnection(connectionString);
				OdbcDataAdapter da = new OdbcDataAdapter (openSql, conn);
				DataSet ds = new DataSet();
				for(int a=0;a<=ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count-1;a++)
					DateTime basetime2=DateTime.Parse("31 Dec 1969 18:00:00");
					 basetime2 = basetime2.AddSeconds(double.Parse(ds.Tables[0].Rows[a].ItemArray[2].ToString()));
ds.Tables[0].Rows[a].ItemArray[2] = basetime2.ToString();
TextBox1.Text=basetime2.ToString(); // THIS WORKS!!
TextBox1.Text=ds.Tables[0].Rows[a].ItemArray[2].ToString(); // THIS DOESNT! WHY???
		DataGrid1.DataSource = ds;

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you will have to call ds.AcceptChanges before binding your grid
also i would suggest using a foreach statement instead of the for loop

foreach(Datarow row in ds.tables[0].rows)
    row["yourdatetimefieldname"] = <whatever value you want> //(omit the <>


//gridbinding here
sterankinAuthor Commented:

This is how I managed to get it to work by manipulating the SQL, so thanks to evilrix for pointing me in that direction.
p_davis I have not tried your solution but it look like what I was originally looking for.

Anyway here is my sql solution:

SELECT to_date('31/12/1969 23:59:59','DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS')+(HGR6.CALL_REQ.OPEN_DATE/(24*60*60)) OPENDATE FROM...
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Glad to have helped :)
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