Antispam Virtual Appliance?

I recently deployed two Barracuda Anti Spam solutions at a couple clients. They are linux based apparently, and run on inexpensive CPU's with little ram. What exactly hardware wise I am not sure other that when the unit boots and posts the BIOS info.

They are very effective but they ain't cheap.

Anyone know of a Linux based virtual appliance anti spam solution? Such as one I could run in a Virtual Environment and have it do the anti spam for me? Free preferred or near free.


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http:// thevpn.guruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure thing..

What you are looking for is a linux based smtp gateway..try to search for mailwatch postfix spamassassin mailscanner

those will provide you with a virtual appliance that can get over 98% of your spam..the web interface makes it easy to manage.

I was able to setup the virtual appliance using debian in less than 4 hours..
I vote for Mailscanner aswell. I have my setup documented at
I get over 99.9% of spam detected.
http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
I vote for Grblades :p..if anyone can tell you about Mailscanner it is grblades..he helped me through a couple of nifty setup questions.
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supportservicesAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for the info! I really look forward in checking this out!
supportservicesAuthor Commented:
Damn, wish this was Gui based as I don't know jack about Linux! Hmmm, wish I did as it would be a neat project to make something similar to a Barracuda with their Gui and this program.

Thats the problem with free. You generally neex more experience to set it up :)

There is always the DefenderMX appliance ( DefenderMX is basically MailScanner but with a few more additions aswell and the appliance version means it comes already installed for you.
supportservicesAuthor Commented:
Thanks GRBlades! Now does anyone make a VMWare type Linux distro with a gui that you could plop on your network?

Looks like MailWatch has something similar, but doesn't appear to let you configure the settings, just reports on the stats of the system (may be wrong on this, haven't looked deep into the site)

Be nice to have one setup where you can log in via say VMWare Server or ESX, turn it on, get a Gui and a link to the Mailscanner/Watch and configure it for your environment.

I guess I am sounding lazy, but it seems like something like this would be very popular for a small environment of say below 100 users. Maybe I am just dreaming....

Thanks for the info!
Mailscanner is not really suitable for vmware as it does use a lot of resources in terms of disc activity, memory and cpu. A spec for a large company would be a good dual core processor and 2GB of memory.

I am not aware of a distribution which is designed for vmware and comes with mailscanner already configured.

mailWatch does have some configuration ability as it can be used to configure white and blacklists. You can do it on a global scale or if people are given their own accounts they can even manage their own settings.
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