Prepare a forrest and domain in server 2003

My domain controller (we only have one domain controller) is ready to die (Windows Server 2000).  I purchased a new server with Windows Server 2003 R2 to replace it. I never installed Active Directory before so I am a bit apprehensive. I started the install and received a message that said I must prepare the Forrest by using AD PREP. I decided to ask this question because I would like to do this once and do it correctly.
Can you give me some tips on installing Ad prep? Is this installed on the new server \ domain controller that I am installing Active Directory on( or is it installed on the present domain controller, which is running Windows Server 2000 on it?)  Is there somewhere I can get a systematic instruction on how this will pan out? I have limited Microsoft Active Directory use- I came from a Novell Shop. I hope someone can help...thanks!
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ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is not a complicated process at all. You can do a search on google about Upgrading or migrating from Win2000 to win2003 domain and there will be thousands of links returned.

Basically, what you need to do is simply add the w2k3 server in the domain. AD Prep is a tool included in the w2k3 installation discs (disc 2 I think) that you can run on either a member server or your w2k DC. Its purpose is only to prepare your domain to accept w2k3 server to be DC. Its actually Forest Prep and Domain Prep you need to run.

Having successfully run the AD Prep promote your w2k3 server (DCPROMO) to be a DC. It takes approx 20-30 minutes so be patient and do NOT switch off during the process. Once its done you restart your new w2k3 DC and log in as domain admin.

Assuming your DNS is AD integrated it will be replicated automatically to the new server - so I recommend you leave your new DC alone overnight and let replication occurs. You can move the DHCP database but to be honest I found it easier to configure it from scratch. Copy data using Robocopy (which copy across not only the data but all permissions as well), install printer etc etc.

Before you shut down your old w2k DC, transfer the 5 FSMO roles to the new DC and make sure you make your new w2k3 DC a Global Catalogue (Very important!!).

I would recommend leaving the old DC running as a secondary DC for a while, just in case anything go wrong. AFter a couple of week perhaps you can think about demoting it to a normal server, then whether you keep it or not it doesn't really matter.

But the most important rule is - BACKUP !!!! Make sure you have a good backup before doing this. Its rarely goes wrong but you can never bank on Microsoft product :),39024759,60088469p-39000357q,00.htm
On the 2000 DC, run ADPREP /forestprep and ADPREP /domainprep /gpprep from CD#2 of the R2 disk set.

You'll find it in \CMPNENTS\R2\ADPREP

After that's done, run DCPROMO on the R2 box and make it an additional DC in an existing domain.

Once it's a DC, make it a Global Catalog then transfer all 5 FSMO roles to it.
Install DNS - do no more as replication should populate the zones.
If your using DHCP install it on the new box and configure the scopes with the correct options (004, 005 and 006 as a minimum) but do not activate it until the old server is DCPROMO'd out of the domain.
Active the scope and Authorize the server in DHCP once that is complete.

syarmushAuthor Commented:
I only have one other question, I am sure you should back-up Active Directoty before you run Ad PREP?
Is there a certain way this should be done?  When you install ADPREP should you install it offline or locally- not logged into the domin?

HOw much time does it take to run ADPREP?
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syarmushAuthor Commented:
Very Good just what I was looking for!!!!
Kind of curious why you accepted that answer over mine....he stated exactly the same thing.

You need to backup the System State data on the DC.

ADPrep is a tool that you run IN your domain. So you must run it either on your existing DC or on the new w2k3 server after it has joined the domain.

ADPrep shouldn't take that long, I would say 5 minutes max.

Netman - I agree with your opinion but I guess he likes my answer more as I given him more info?
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