Looking for web based calendar software

I'm looking for a web based calendar application that allows users to log in and create events.  Here are some of the requirements:
-Open source (free) or inexpensive
-Allows for user and group management
-Allows for event categories and subcategories
-Allows for easy standards based skinning
-Allows for events to be printed or exported to PDF
-Uses PHP and/or mysql

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ellandrdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what your after isnt going to come without a price on top.  any freeware application on the web wont suit your needs as it wount have A, B or C feature that you require.

I suggest developing one yourself or pay somebody to develop one.

i would develop one but we are not allowed to take on real paid job offers on EE - its against the rules.

I don't know if this will help much but Google has a sharable calandar scheme.  I am not sure if it will meet all the needs and I don't know about php.

sc456aAuthor Commented:
No I need something I can customize, hence the need for it to be skinnable.
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These may help. the latter one is not free, but with the requirements above I'm not too sure if there are any free ones.

Hope this helps though.
sc456aAuthor Commented:
Neither one of those solutions offers the kind of user level access I'm looking for.  I need users to be able to easily register and post events.  easyphpcalendar allows up to 21 user accounts, but I have to create and manage them and that won't be enough accounts, anyway.
sc456aAuthor Commented:
I ended up bidding it out on elance.com because, as you said, none of the free software met all of our needs.  A few came close though, including:
Webcalendar - http://www.k5n.us/webcalendar.php?topic=About
Vcalendar - http://www.ultraapps.com/app_overview.php?app_id=19

Thanks for the advice.

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