Backupexec throwing Access is Denied to network share

I have a NAS which is running NASLITE-2, which is basically just a very tiny OS based on linux that runs as a NAS.

The drives on my NAS are all available for anyone to access with no login or password required. It is a member of a local Workgroup, unfortunately NASLITE does not have the option for joining a windows domain controller.

In Backup Exec everytime I try and select the network share on \\naslite I get an "Access is Denied error". In Backup Exec I have tried to set the login credentials to the admin/password of the nas, empty values, blank values, etc but nothing seems to work.

It shouldnt need any sort of credentials to connect to it, I can connect to naslite from Mac OS X, Windows XP, Linux servers, etc without problem.

Is there any kind of way to get Backup Exec to connect to those network shares or a work around?

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David Scott, MCSEConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
yeah, my bad BE doesn't see mapped drives.  it appears it'll only see shares and local drives.  

boy, i don't know.  i'm thinking of workarounds like doing a copy backup of the share on the nas to a drive that BE can see.

You could automate it by creating a batch file with the command to do the copy and then used scheduled tasks to run the batch daily or whatever.

Other than that, its not a windows os and BE can't communicate with it apparently.  

Again, I would contact symantec and the vendor of the nas and findout backup options for it.  
How do you restrict who can access the NAS?  If you don't use authentication, does it look at the source IP address of the client?
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
i have one linux server in my environment and i have a linux remote agent installed it to back it up.  can you put a linux remote agent on the nas?
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JasonWinnAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys,

To answer each of your questions, I cannot restrict access to the NAS. Basically its open to everyone as default.

If it was Ubuntu or something then yes I could install the remote agent but I dont think there is anyway of installing the remote agent on the nas.

Here is the OS that I am using:
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
so if you telnet to the nas you don't have to enter any login credentials?  
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
ooops disregard, appears you have already set the login credentials to those of the nas

according to this article, you can buy an add-on which should allow you to backup your NAS (if you are using 11d)

9 and 10d it says NAS that don't run on windows OS are not compatible:

David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
my only other suggestion is to contact the vendor of the naslite device and find out what you can about backup options (or look at your documentation)

or contact Symantec
hi, there

in the selection list last is user selected is that where you have created the what to backup list. ?

Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
Try adding the NAS to the USER DEFINED SELECTION using the IP address.
If you are able to see it in the selction list you will be able to back it up
JasonWinnAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

Opie6373 - I will look into that NDMP option, it is $1800 tho which seems sort of pricey just for backing up to a NAS.

I tried making it a user defined selection, but when I try and pick to expand that user defined selection I receive this error:

An error has occurred while attempting to browse the contents of naslite-2\Shares\Disk-1. A communications failure has occurred.

Any idea's on why it's not working as a user defined selection?
David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
i've seen this error when i tried to click on my linux server before the remote agent was installed.  

i doubt it will work but you have tried pushing a remote agent out to the device?  

whow on the add-on--$1800 huh?  that's insane.

have you tried mapping a drive to the nas and then selecting the share from the mapped drive in the select list?  i'm sure you already do, but you need to have the selection enabled to backup user shares

JasonWinnAuthor Commented:
Hey Opie,

Maybe it is not supported in 11d but this is what I did:
Tools > Options > Network & Security: Enable selection of user shares.

I mapped the network drive to Z and I can navigate to it from My Computer. I tried creating a new backup to disk folder and a new backup job and neither one see's the Z drive. Any ideas?

JasonWinnAuthor Commented:
I think you are right Opie. I may just format it to be a full linux distrubtion like Ubuntu and do a remote agent install on that.

Thanks for your help!

David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
you got it
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