How do I install Oracle Client on SunOS 5.10

I have not done an install for a while on a Unix box and need help getting started.
I have an urgent request to install the Oracle Client on a Unix server.
The software is available to me on a specific drive on the server.
How do I begin?
Basically, the developers need to be able to use SQLPlus to run sql scripts.
Your help is much appreciated.
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Client comes with readme file that says up to Solaris 9. I'd guess you still can install it given instructions in same file
First verify that the Oracle 8 client is certified to run on Solaris 10.  Oracle clients are backwards compatible, so you could pick up the 9i client and install it.

The Oracle installer is GUI only.  Using Exceed (from Windows) or local on the desktop you can install it when in the X window manager.  Just CD into the directory and use the ./runInstaller command.  Use an Administrative install to install the full client, as most applications require this.  You can generally ignore the name setup stuff (tnsnames, etc) and tell it to cancel that part of the install.  Then go in and place the tnsnames.ora file there if you distribute them to each new client (most do).

You'll need things like the oracle user setup prior to doing this, with a group name of dba.  Do the install as this user, which generally requires setting up the root installation path in advance and setting permissions for the oracle user.  ORACLE_HOME will also need to be specified in most cases, so you'll want to set that up.

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One other thing, the clients often come in 32 and 64 bit variations.  Install the one appropriate for your application.  Most applications are going to be 32bit, but you can look by doing a 'file' command on one of the application library .so files to see if it is 32 or 64bit.  If you install a 64bit client for a 32bit application, the application will not be able to use the 64bit libraries from Oracle.  In that case, there is a work-around, which is to change LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the lib32 directory rather than the standard lib directory for the application user.
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It is not certified.
kzsk31Author Commented:
Thank you SwassLikeMe for helping me with the step by step instructions.  I appreciate that very much, as I needed that.
Thanks gheist for letting me know that client is not certified on Solaris 10.
So now, I guess the first step would be to download the 9i client before I can begin.
I need to figure out the 32 bit and 64 bit first before I download.
Why not 10 R2 client then? No need to start new life with old software
It's not exactly a step-by-step, but it'll get you going.  You could wing it from the instructions, but if you have another system setup with it currently, I'd take a look at that one to see how it's configured.  It may help answer some other questions you may have.

Oracle's website should allow you to download the client for Solaris with a user account you can setup.

To check you Solaris for 32/64 bit installation / support, please use

isainfo -v


isainfo -b

For more info,

man isainfo

kzsk31Author Commented:
Thank you omarfarid.
 isainfo -v
64-bit sparcv9 applications
        vis2 vis
32-bit sparc applications
        vis2 vis v8plus div32 mul32

You can install 32bit or 64bit client.
kzsk31Author Commented:
thx gheist.
lol - having trouble getting the installer to run - is that where I would I know which one to pick 32bit or 64bit?
kzsk31Author Commented:
thank you for all your help.
I have successfully installed the Oracle client on 2 servers.
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