Can't access one website

Strange one...

We have a Small Business Network and everything was running wonderfully...until last week.

No one in our network can access a certain website anymore. It is our own website. Our website is hosted at an ISP and is working fine,, everyone else on the outside can access without issue, but no one in our domain.
We get a "page cannot be displayed message" we can access any other sites without an issue
Any ideas?
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if your machines are pointing to the sbs server for DNS like they should. I would check for an entry in the DNS server related to your web site
If the internal domain and the website domain are the same you will have to add records into the DNS on Small Business Server to point to the website's IP address. From one of the PCs do
and see what it resolves to. If you get no response I would definitely expect the issue to be with the DNS on your SBS.
I aggree with wingatesl. Hopefully you're internal domain is not named I typically name domains I build on SBS 2003 is domain.local

It is my understanding that an SBS 2003 domain cannot be renamed.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

To expand on wingatesl here is the nslookup command

Open Command Prompt by going to Start..typing in run..typing CMD and then hit enter.

type nslookup
set type=a

if no IP address resolves...your internal DNS server is the issue...and I'm going to assume your internal domain is named
carrgater31Author Commented:
My internal domain is domain.local. It is also slightly different from my external domain.
I completed an NSlookup and it came back non-existant domain.
Is that the internal DNS?
This record should then be corrected or removed

Make sure your DNS server has good "forwarders" to point to. Typically, these forwarders should be your ISP's DNS servers, you'll need to call them to find out what they are

Right click the DNS Server and select properties
Click the forwarders tab
DNS Domain should be "all other domains"
Then add the ip addresses of the primary and secondary dns servers your ISP provies

after you've confirmed those are correct

do an ipconfig/flushdns
and an ipconfig/registerdns on the server and machines if neccessary
to give full instructions on what Wingatesl is saying is:

Make sure you do not have a foward lookup zone configured for your zone.
If you do, you can more than likely safely delete it, barring any unknown factors
if you have to keep it, add the www. host and add the correct internet ip address
@Tom There is no need to have DNS forwarders in this situation
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