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We have sbs 2003 with build in exchange. We have an user account called 'info@companyname.local' which has its own email addres called  This email address is set up (by our isp i think) to catch all emails (example, ....)

These emails are being forwarded to a specific user, my boss, who has his own account called user@companyname.local

i found this by (opening user properties of info@companyname.local \ exchange general\ forwarding address \ forward to)

Now, my boss wants that all these emails that are being send to are being forwarded to both

my boss his email account (already set up)
a collegaue his email account (not yet set up)

when i follow the path above, i don't have the option to add an extra email address to forward to, it looks like that when i should select another user, the previous own will be erased as forwarding address.  I haven't actually tried it yet, because i want to be sure that someone is still receiving these emails before i make changes.

in short, the question, is how can i add an extra user to the forwarding address of the catch all email "info@companyname." ?

Many thanks
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yes to both the questions
create a mail enabled distribution group
add your boss and the other user as its members
configure forwarding for the distribution group
any email sent to the catch all account will be forwarded to the distribution group, which in turn will be delivered to the group's members
Vishal BreedProgram ManagerCommented:
Info Abt. Catch-All Accunt:
1> Some compnay do want to host mail server in company to avoid extra costs. Therefore they take mailspace on ISP (e.g. 100 MB to 500 MB) & hosts number of pop accounts for each user on ISP server.
2> Some companies decide to keep catch all account "" with ISP which will catch any email sent to or It just matches the domain name. ISP sets MX records for to thier own server & forward all emails sent to "" to


Solution1. (Before 6 years; I have implemented this for 8-9 customers)
Install POP3 mail archiver software ( I have used EFS (Email Forwarding System) which is free of cost if you are downloading from one pop3 account & forwards to Exchange.

Though your AD domain is comany.local; set recipient policy to stamp email address on all users. When EFS downloads email; it will forward to your Exchange server & Exchange server will distribute according to Recepients. If no recepient found; they will mark it as non-deliverable which you can forward to you or your boss (SMTP virtual server settings).

Set SMTP connector so that all users can send emails to Internet.

Solution 2.
Host MX records with ISP to forward all email to your Exchange server.
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vishal_breed - Read the question again.
Catch All is already enabled and is being forwarded to one mailbox.

the asker wants to forward the same email to multiple recipients
Vishal BreedProgram ManagerCommented:
My point was implementation was not so neat. Sicne it is alrady forwarding all emails to one mailbox; owner of that mailbox has to forward all emails manually or by creating a Outlook rule.

Even after forwarding each email to Distribution List; every user reads unwanted emails.

Therefore I have advised "ggc2" idea behind comany implementing Catch all account & the best solutions to implement with Exchange.
Rake is correct Vishal.  The author just wanted a way to forward the email to multiple users automatically.  Distribution Groups are an effective and easy way to effect this change.  His boss asked for it, so it is not a problem of overloading the users with mail.  
Vishal BreedProgram ManagerCommented:
It's all about giving information - I have not said Rake has given wrong advise or I am correct.

My first comment in this question is talking about - Exchange is not used as it's best. Therefore I have given information about Catch All account concept & how Exchange can be used.
ggc2Author Commented:
indeed the "catch all" gathers a lot of unwanted emails (spam mail), but we have antispamsoftware  installed that creates an anti-spam folder within the inbox that gathers almost 95% of the spammails.

the new user that has to be added, will be the future person in charge for delegating all the incoming emails to a specific collegaue, if applicable.  My boss just still wants to keep tabs on whatever of client request are being received at the info-account.

for example customer complaints, request for a catalogue...... the standard issues i guess.

@rakeshmiglani :since you appear very knowledgeable at exchange server setup, can you give me directions on how to :

create the distribution with email enabled
configure forwarding for the distribution group

many thanks in advance
check this to create a distribution group
once the distribution group is mail enabled, it will be listed in the address book
follow the same steps that you did earlier to configure forwarding for a single user.
select the name of the distribution group from the list.
ggc2Author Commented:
@rakeshmiglani :

in step 7 i'm asked the following :

"Click to select the Create an Exchange e-mail address check box, specify the alias that you want in the Alias box, specify the administrative group that you want in the Associated Administrative Group box, and then click Next."

is this where i put "" or am i wrong ?

please help me once more, because i think were almost there !

Many thanks,

you need to put the alias there. in this case it would be "info"
if "info" has been used then put anything else there which resembles "info" and then click next
exchange will automatically create an email address based on the alias
once it has been created, you also have an option to modify the email address
one thing to bear in mind is that, an email address can only exist once, so if has already been assigned to any other object, you will not be able to use it.
ggc2Author Commented:
So if i understand correctly,

I open the properties of the user account named "info@companyname.local", which is the user account set up with the e-mail address "" (catch all) then under e-mail addresses i delete the SMTP rule "".

Then i open the new distrubution group, and modify or create the new smtp address as before, ""

Then i just have to follow the same steps that i did earlier to configure forwarding for a single user.
select the name of the distribution group from the list.

is this about it ?

thanks for your help, i just want to make sure i'm not making any mistakes
but during the time the email address has been removed from the original user and stamped on the new distribution group, any emails sent to will bounce.
so do it during the time when the mail flow is less
ggc2Author Commented:
@rakeshmiglani :

i haven't done the setup part yet ... i'm still having some questions (sorry) :(

Somethings i don't understand. When i fill in "info" at the alias in step 7 (creating a distrubtion group) exchange automatically will create the smtp address "info@companyname.loacal" and "". which is the catch all address.  So then he distribution group will receive the emails send to the catch all(, i understand that part.

However, if i should delete both the smtp address in the user account called "info" (login name) before i setup the distribution group, then what use is changing the forwarding address (to the distribtution group) in the user account properties (of "info" account) going to do then ?  Since the user "info" doesn't receive the emails anymore that are sent to the catch all, what is there to forward then ?

Or am i missing something here ? i'm a complete idiot at this subject, i'm sorry.

Furthermore, at the user account "info" where the forwarding is still taking place, the above field is called "send on behalf" which now lists only my boss his email address.  if i add the second user to this field, will exchange automatically use the email address of the person who replies to an incoming email ?

and the final question (i hope) below the "send on behalf" field, there the "delivery options" section.  there's a checkbox that gives the choice "deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox".  To my surprise it was checked, and when i logged in using the info account (outlook web access) there were  36.000 unread emails in that inbox.

what is the good at that, that must be taking up a lot of space, or am i wrong ?

I hope you still have the patience to answer my question, i will be in your dept for a very long time :)


the "info" alias does not matter.
what matters is the "" email address

right now all the emails are sent to "" email address which belongs to a user and then the same emails are forwarded to your boss based on the forwarding options.

what you want to do is that any emails sent to "" should be delivered to your boss and another user

this can be accomplished by creating a distribution group and putting the "" email address to the distribution group
after that add your boss and the other user as the group's members

that done, any email sent to "" will be delivered to to your boss and the other user

you are correct in saying that in this case forwarding is not required as the mail will be delivered to the "" email address which in turn will be delivered to its members.

the "deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox" is usefull in cases where forwarding is set for a limited period for a user who has gone on leave so that when the user comes back he/she knows who all had sent an email.

i did not understand
"Furthermore, at the user account "info" where the forwarding is still taking place, the above field is called "send on behalf" which now lists only my boss his email address.  if i add the second user to this field, will exchange automatically use the email address of the person who replies to an incoming email ?"
ggc2Author Commented:
Ok! that clears up a lot !

i'll rephrase the last part.  If an email comes into the inbox of both user A en user B (in this case my boss and a collegaue).  user A en B being the persons in the distrubution group.

if user A replies, will the email address that he uses  automatically be his own (from the user account, my boss) ?
if user B replies, will the email address that he uses automatically be his own (from the user account, a collegaue) ?

this was my final question, i promise :)
ggc2Author Commented:
r@akeshmiglani :

Thanks very much for your professional and clarifying answers !  Everything is working as it should.

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