HP 6983 Install problem

Is there a way to force an HP Deskjet Network Printer installation to proceed.

this is because i am pretty sure that the printer and the computer on the network is properly configured but for some reason the installation just keep on repeating.

I tried both ways, install from the original CD and install from Drivers located on my HDD.

the final install process i can reach is the point where i have to confirm that the printer found by the installation wizard is the printer i want to install. upon confirming that it is what i want to install, the wizard(not deserved to be called as) will go back to the point where it will search for network printer. it will find the printer that i want to install and ask me to confirm. I confirmed it, and the installation went back again searching for printer.

this process repeat endlessly.

the PC is connected to a wireless router via cable. the printer is connected to the router thru wireless

I tried both ways, installing it via wireless and wired network. same thing happen. My PC is connected directly on the Router where the printer is also directly connected.

any suggestion?
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partymarty84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For the first steps, can you let us know OS your running (XP/Vista?)
What model is your router (in case there is a known bug)

Also try downloading the newest driver from the HP website.

antontolentinoAuthor Commented:
Router: Belkin Wireless54G
HP said I have the latest Driver.

i dont think this is the problem because i am installing the 3rd PC Other installation is successful. the only difference of this PC (that has a problem), this PC is connected to the router thru cable. the other 2 PC is connected via wireless.
antontolentinoAuthor Commented:
what i meant from my previous post is.. i don't think it is a router problem...
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What is the OS for the other two PC's?
antontolentinoAuthor Commented:
same as others. all are in WinXp SP2
antontolentinoAuthor Commented:
I just use cable.

i manage to install using cable.

i will leave the points awarding to the moderator
antontolentinoAuthor Commented:
ooppss.. sorry.. i mean wireless.. i installed a wireless card then install the printer. all went well.
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