Mail Sending and receving internal. and sending external but cant receive external mail

Just had a nasty rootkit virus on out SBS 2003 server. We have had to rebuild it from scratch. During the build time I set up a mail hop forwarding on DynDNS so all mail was send to Gmail accounts. Now I have the server back up and configured (the way it was i think) and removed the mail hop forwarding. My users are able to send emails internal and external but only receive internal mail. Does any one know whats courseing the external mail not to be deleivered?
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Do you an MX record on an external DNS server for people to see?

Also is your internet connection on a static IP and is port 25 forwarded to the mail server from the firewall/router.
CodestoneAuthor Commented:
The MX record is for people to see

The IP of the server is statin

port 25 is forwarded to the router
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go to cmd type in:

telnet SEVERNAME 25

If it suceeds in connecting then try the same again from outside the router/firewall
I would start with some of the online tools to see whether the internet can see your server and the records are configured. is a good place to start. That will flag any errors.

CodestoneAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help this is now sorted. It seemed that the records were holding longer than the 12 hours it wa\s ment to.  
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