Can't update SQL-View data in MS Access

I created a view on sql-Server 2005 and linked it into MS Access 2003.
On SQL-Server I'm able to edit the data using the same user which is not able to edit the view in MS Access.
The user has rights and the view contains the primary key and there is no computed column.
Any idea?
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chriswiesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK, got it.
I had to create an index on the view in !MS Access! to tell Access that this view has an unique id!
something like
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ix_vw_Auswertungsfragen ON vw_Auswertungsfragen(idAuswertungFeld)

Is there an error message?
You can use the profiler to watch what sql statement is send to the server. Probably acces doesn't include the right key information, but I can't be sure without the profilerinfo.
chriswiesAuthor Commented:
No, no message, just the beep.
Please help me out, how do I use the profiler. I'm pretty new with SQL-Server.
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In sql server start the profiler (it's under the tools menu)

then start a new trace

If noone else is using the server you can just run the trace, if not, then goto the events selection tab and use the column filters to filter out your sql statements

Then try to edit the data and see what command is send to the server
chriswiesAuthor Commented:
oh interesting,

that is the result:

exec sp_executesql N'SELECT "FragenID" ,"fiPrüfung" ,"fiPrüffeld" ,"PF" ,"Sort" ,"Frage" ,"FrageSub" ,"Datenquelle" ,"Datentyp" ,"Einschränkung" ,"Zahlenformat" ,"Eingabemeldung" ,"FrageDefault" ,"FrageDefaultMuss" ,"Kommentar" ,"Material" ,"FrageSAW" ,"FrageBearbeitungshinweis" ,"FrageHHST" ,"replAvg"  FROM "dbo"."vw_Fragen" WHERE ( @P1 = "fiPrüffeld" ) ORDER BY "dbo"."vw_Fragen"."fiPrüffeld" ,"dbo"."vw_Fragen"."Sort"  ',N'@P1 uniqueidentifier','5E710000-2F28-5E71-1CDE-130048A41F00'

In the Access-Form I just have "select * from vw_Fragen ORDER BY fiPrüffeld, Sort;" entered.
Does this help?
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