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Posted on 2007-11-22
Last Modified: 2013-12-02
I have just setup a server for a customer with upload of 512K.  However, there are over 10 users at one time grabbing data from the local LAN, FTP Server in DMZ.

As you might imagine community, not a pretty picture.  Having researched the internet, seems that 1mb upload is about as fast as I can get for them....any ideas recommendations?  Is 1 mb enough or do we need to move from Broadband to some other type of connection to the internet.
Question by:ActiveInfoSys
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Expert Comment

ID: 20340766
I might be missing something here...

Are all the resources above (FTP namely) on the INSIDE of the router to the Internet? But missing how the 512Kb - 1Mb is in the picture as DMZ is on your LAN (just inside your end of the fiber / cable / dsl connection).
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Expert Comment

ID: 20351081
If all your servers and clients are inside a lan you internet connection will have no effect if you upgrade.  

What kind of router are you using?  I know most netgear, dlink comsumer level stuff may not be able to route the information fast enough for this kind of usage.  I had the same issues on my network at home (only 5 users) and I upgraded to a cisco router which cleared the problems.

BTW, DMZ is a dangerous animal if opened up to the outside world.  You might want to make sure your network is secure also.  Someone sneaking in could also add to the network load.

Author Comment

ID: 20351964
Wow. Savone. DragonJIM.  Great comments.    Lets go into more detail, yes.

Savone.  All servers and clients are inside a LAN.  The inside server is a Windows 2000 Server OS running on a DELL Optiplex GX110 with 1 GB RAM and a DAS attached  hard disk from TheCUS.  (not sure if hardware is an issue, not great i know, but does the job for this small business).
   However, the DrayTek 2600 VG might not be doing us such a good job it seems based on your comments.  Not sure though. Please help. This DrayTek Router, 2600 VG) is not just a regular home owners' router, but is still cheap and cheerful.  I could put in a Cisco 800 series if you think this will really do the job, make a difference. Also, got the note on the DMZ, ok will separate subnets here and do some security tightening.
    Since all servers and clients are inside LAN, am I right to read--"Upgraded Internet Connection will have no effect" but "a cisco router cleared external remote FTP attempts to download speed issues".  
   Question: What is the cisco router doing that the DrayTek router cannot, and can do?  QoS, Bandwidth Throttling are all options in DrayTek world, but is there something else?      Manu: 

(1) "Are all the resources (FTP namely) on the INSIDE of the router to the Internet?"  YES. So not really DMZ, but actual server hosting FTP is on private LAN where all others clients live.  Same range and everthing. Same 3COM 24-port switch even.

(2) "How 512Kb - 1Mb is in the picture as DMZ is on your LAN (just inside your end of the fiber / cable / dsl connection)?"   Internet-based clients PCs are downloading from a server inside the company's LAN which hosts the FTP server.  Its actually the Domain Controller.  Real secure, ugh.  Connection to internet is just adsl w/ a draytek router on the end.    On that note, can anyone say what the advantages in this scenario might be for moving to SDSL or ADSL/2?

Struggling for an answers....please help community.
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Expert Comment

ID: 20352732
Its sounds to me like all your clients and servers are inside the same LAN or connected via lan, so upgrading internet will do NOTHING.

I am not familiar with the Draytek router so I really can't speak to its routing capabilities.  I can speak to cisco's as I am very familiar with them and I work on a HUGE network that is made up of over 25,000 cisco networking devices.  Cisco is known for their prowess in routing and supporting all protocols.  I am sorry I can not be more help here, but I have no knowledge of the Draytek and anything I say about it would be speculation.

Have you virus checked all clients?  I find that this is one of the biggest problems on small networks.  


Accepted Solution

Booda2us earned 500 total points
ID: 20380286
hello activeinfosys,
ADSL is only going to give you 512kb upload capabilities, SDSL will give you equal d/load -up/load speeds. I doubt if 10 users will drain your bandwidth to a noticeable amount unless they are moving very large files.. A T1 connection may be your solution, or a cable hi-speed connection which has a lot higher speed than DSL....i hope this helps....Booda

Author Comment

ID: 20380514
OK.  I have a Cisco 800 A Series, 837 router which is ready for adsl and looks like best solutions outside of a T1.

I think based on Savone's comments above, I will go with this.  However, how to configure?  Big question.

I know very little of cisco routers...does anybody know of a tutorial I could follow from the web?

After this, if no help, I will try the cable hi-speed connection.

Please give some advice on getting started with Cisco Routers.
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Expert Comment

ID: 20382149
Sorry but I dont know of a tutorial for cisco routers.  They all are CLI interface and no GUI to just select things in (at least not that I know of).  You may want to ask that question in a zone where there are more CCNA type folks.


Author Comment

ID: 20401773
Will try the Cisco router team and will get back to you.   I will be after this weekend.

Expert Comment

ID: 20935931
 By default, all versions of Windows Server 2003 reserves 2 GB of virtual address space for the kernel, and it permits user mode processes (such as the Exchange Information Store process, Store.exe) to use 2 GB of virtual address space. Virtual address space for a specific process is allocated at startup and increases as more memory is used during run time. It is typical for the actual memory usage (or working set) of a process to be much less than the address space that the process was allocated. If the computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 has 1 gigabyte (GB) of memory or more installed and if the computer is home to mailboxes or to public folders, you must modify Windows Server 2003 so that 3 GB of address space is available for user mode applications.
With the /Userva switch, you can customize how the memory is allocated when you use the /3GB switch. The number following /Userva= is the amount of memory in megabytes (MB) that will be allocated to each process. If you set /3gb /Userva=3030, this reserves 3,030 MB of memory to the process space, as compared to 3,072 MB when you use the /3GB switch alone. The 42 MB that is saved when you set /Userva=3030 is used to increase the kernel memory space, free system page table entries (PTEs). The PTE memory pool is increased by the difference between 3 GB (specified by the /3GB switch) and the value that is assigned to the /Userva switch.
It is best that you configure all Windows Server 2003-based servers that run Exchange and are configured with the /3GB switch to also use the /Userva=3030 switch. After you install a Windows Server 2003-based server, you must modify the Boot.ini file to add the /3GB and /Userva=3030 parameters to the startup line.
Here is a link to Microsoft for More Info    you might try this and see if it works.
I hope this helps...Booda

Expert Comment

ID: 20935943
Here is what your "Boot.ini" file should look like:
[Boot Loader]
[Operating Systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows Server 2003" /fastdetect /3GB /Userva=3030

Expert Comment

ID: 21298231

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