HP Compaq 6720 drivers problem

I cant find drivers for this notebook. There are drivers on hp site, but seems they are not correct for my notebook. I have successfully installed chipset, sata ahci, vga, wireless, bluetooth, but having trouble with these:

1) modem - there isn't driver for modem on the site
2) nic - there is a driver and it does install it, but the card is just not working on lan - cannot receive ip from dhcp, and if I set it manually, it accepts, but it behaves like it isnt on the network, cant see any other pc/router. It isnt problem with cable, 2 cables are tried, and they work with other Pc's. When configured to receive ip from dhcp, it receives 169.xxx.xxx.xxx ip, and therefore diplays limited or no connectivity. It is detected as Intel 82562GT 10/100.
3) unknown device - related to ACPI.
4) sound card - it isnt even detected, there isnt an option in BIOS to disable/enable it - when installing driver it cant install since it cant find it.

Any advices? I cant use internet to try to search them online, since nic is not working properly

Thanks, Goran
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souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might also want to take a look at this PAQ:

HP compaq 6720s windows xp Lan driver  needed

here are the drivers for the Intel 82562GT 10/100 network card.

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here's the link to the audio drivers:

Priest04Author Commented:
Well, if it could be that easy, I wouldn't be posting here a question. I have posted that I have found drivers for this model on hp site. and above link is the place where I have downloaded the drivers from. It seems that it doesn't recognize audio controller properly because It needs some hotfix to be applied. Will try later and see if it works.


Has the laptop ever worked? Has something changed on the unit? Has this unit had a different operating system or updates or anything like that? Is this a notebook that came with Vista but has been downgraded to Windows XP? If so, what steps were taken to prepare the hard drive for the transition?
Priest04Author Commented:
The laptop is just bought, and came with freedos. Although I respect dos, I am more for a windows solutions. :) I have managed to find a solution to sound card problem - HD Bus Driver KB888111 must be installed first. Seems that modem driver for vista will do fine, too. nic is still a problem, I will take a look at the link you provided, it sounds a good start.

Priest04Author Commented:
That solved a nic problem, thanks.

Solution is to upgrade the BIOS!
Below link should take you to the pack:
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