Vista always asking to install network printer driver

We are using Vista Enterprise.
We have a network shared printer Xerox WorkCenter Pro C3545.
The driver installed on the Print server (svr 2003) is supporting Vista. It's the last driver that we found on Xerox website.
When we print from Vista it works great. But it ask 5 to 6 times a week to reinstall the driver. Then we just press the "install" button and it's taking 1 to 2 minutes and the printer get's back.
How can we definitly install this driver and never ear again that we need to install it. Because of that problem, I gave admin rights on the computer for the main user to be sure that he wont be blocked when he needs to install the drivers.
I also have XP users using this SAME printer and they don't have any problem.
Thank you for your help.
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YGregersenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a long term work around.

Create an IP printer port.

CREATE A NEW PORT - type of port will be a STANDARD TCP/IP PORT
Under Hostname or IP address  - place in you IP and give the port a name

There is a check mark for Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use. I would uncheck and have the driver ready to point to locally in a tmp directory.
maninblac1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What you might try first, is to set up the Vista machine to IP print directly to the printer.  This could be a temporary solution, or perminent depending on how easy you want the problem fixed.

If you can do this, and vista doesn't complain about drivers, a local driver is installed for the printer, if you need to install it, go ahead and install, see if you're having the same issues with direct printing, reboot a few times etc to confirm that a local driver is installed.

If all goes well and direct printing seems to be working, you might then try moving it back to the shared printer server.  And see if Vista now "knows" about how to use that printer.  If it doesn't, direct printing might be your solution, or you need to move on and investigate the print server or something else.

Check these KB's to see if you believe they might help the client machine,

Completely removing the driver from your print drivers may also help when you "reinstall" the driver.

I had a problem similar to this with office 2003 where everytime i would click a function i would have to "run setup", it turned out to be massive corruption of my system due to hardware instability.  After fixing the hardware stability issues, all was well.  You might check the HDD and your thermals to see if there isn't something there that could cause the machine to act irradically, memory should be on the list of things to check.
Has your issue been solved? Please dole out points if so.
Guys this is the exact error we are facing on our organisation. I see what YGregersen has suggested but it wont be possible for us to manually go and install it for 500 users. We have windows 2003 print server and all users are connected to it for printing.
Since yesterday almost all users are getting the exact same error "to use the shared printer you need to install the printer driver vista..... and after clicking on install its working.
How can i solve ths issue without going to each user. Is there some setting where i can change or reconfigure from the server side?
I found this post here which might be of help:

It shows you how to do it using Group Policy and should work the same for a domain wide group policy as well.

Hope that helps.
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